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Author Topic: What Do I Need To Know to run LoGD myself?  (Read 14083 times)
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« on: June 18, 2006, 11:13:33 PM »

These are my personal recommendations.

REQUIRED for setup:
Somewhere to host it (either, you've fought the install of EasyPHP and won, or you have webspace with PHP, Apache, MySQL etc)
A thorough knowledge of ftp and directory structure
A thorough knowledge of how to extract tar, gzip, zip files etc
A basic understanding of file permissions and how to set them
DESIRABLE for setup:
Experience with basic HTML and hosting a basic website (even a personal home page)
A basic understanding of *any* programming language (JavaScript, Perl, BASIC, as long as you can read code and get the general idea what's happening).
RECOMMENDED for setup:
Intermediate knowledge of PHP and My SQL

REQUIRED for running the game:
You have played the game on another server at least past the first dragon kill and preferably past the first ten! (note carefully that adminning the game is not difficult; on Classic we have had admins that are not code people at all. But if you are the one who looks after the behind-the-scenes, you need all the setup skills as well.)

If you cannot meet these requirements, don't give up. Actually, do give up on LoGD, but not forever. Try installing one of the games on this really good post that Robert made. It has info on installing games in PHP that are easier than LoGD and great for learning on. Once you are familiar with hosting an easy game running in PHP, you might be ready to come back here and install LoGD. Good luck!
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