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SU IP Access Control
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Author Topic: SU IP Access Control  (Read 2491 times)
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« on: May 08, 2006, 05:46:47 PM »

Problem: when I try to get into certain areas I get a screen saying this:

This IP address was not found in your list of allowed administrative IP address ranges. If this IP address should be added, you will need to do so after logging on from an already authorized ip address. Just for your records, you're signing on from


Ahem. Now for the actual fix.

Click the link "Email temp authorisation code". Check your email. Cut and paste the code into the box and click Check. Then to go the Grotto, click User Editor, put in your character name, go into your user editor and click SuperUser IP Access Control. You'll get a screen telling you "if this is you..." Copy the first three octets of the IP address (this part: 158.105.144) and paste it into the field for allowed IPs then hit Save.

Next, go back to the Grotto, go to Manage Modules, ignore Uninstalled Modules and click the next item, Deactivate every module you don't understand. Go to the next section and repeat until the end. Then come back to DragonPrime and start learning about each of those modules before you decide whether you want them running. Having modules installed that you don't understand will (1) let you fly a space ship without knowing how to fly a space ship, and (2) increase server load dramatically and annoy your hosts, slow down your game, and possibly put your site in danger of being suspended.

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