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Author Topic: Plague Disaster Package  (Read 2906 times)
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« on: April 04, 2006, 06:43:14 PM »

This is an idea that I had that might have a better chance of actually happening if don't try to do it myself.  (my php coding needs serious work)

I have been keeping an eye out for mods that really unite players in meaningful ways.  Even clans are mainly just loose confederation of players basically striking out on their own.  So, in thinking of how I might envision a mod that does the trick, I came up with the idea of something inspired by and possibly building off the disaster mod that already exists.

In this mod, a plague strikes a particular city, shutting it down much like the disaster mod shuts down the city its affecting.  Anyone in estates or in the fields when the plague happens logs on to find themselves significantly weakened.  In order to fight the plague, folks have to come in and do turns just like they do with the current disaster mod.  The difference starts to kick in right about here- unless the plague is quickly dispatched (admin configurable amount of turns to do that) it begins to spread to other cities.  Ideally, it tracks the movement of players, but that would just be cake.  If the members of the community don't rally to kill off the plague in that city, they'll have to rally together to fight it off in other cities- eventually, every city. 

Admins could configure whether or not the plague could just run its course after awhile or instead just continue to keep every city that has been affected shut down until it is cleaned up.  Another option would allow admins to say whether the plague can start up again in the same city once its been defeated if it hadn't yet been completely eradicated from the realm.

To add to the teamwork I seek to create,the 'healer huts' might find themselves 'overwhelmed' (at least for the plague fighters) and unable to render any services... but if a 'Master Healer' Race and/or 'Healing Potions' specialty existed so that Healers could be called (or quickly generated via race changes) to add hit points to those fighting the plague by sending them a potion, which in turn only the Healers can buy from a 'healer's potion' shop.

Unless the Healer Race sends the potions, while the plague is still running loose, even a new day or resurrection does not give a full amount of health back (again, the amount would be admin configurable).

So, that is at least three, possibly four, different mods right there.

This package has the overall benefit of:

1.  Giving the players some meaningful goal to rally together around.
2.  Gives the players incentive to rally:  if they don't, their town may very well be next.
3.  It gives some players the ability to heal others, which may in turn generate other mods that require such skills.

It seems doubtful to me that the healer specialty could work, as specialities are used mainly for battling.  Perhaps it would be easier just to create the "Healer Race" and only allow them to access the "Healer's Potions."

That is one of my ideas.
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2006, 07:11:48 PM »

Wow, I like that idea!  Grin Might be hard to code though...  Huh
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2006, 07:56:16 PM »

Hm, sounds like a piece of work.

To weaken players by location should be possible, yet with older house system there will be trouble. Else you could just use the newday.php with location and check.

to shut down the healers would be a hook to the village&forest... to prohibit travelling... you could hook in there too and block all navs...

the healer race and all this is possible (I think of an item system might item creation like XChrisX system) ... yet would be some code to produce.

More than think about is all that I can do now as the stack of "would be nice to program" modules is as high as a skyscraper for me here.
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2006, 08:16:41 PM »

As I pondered it, it seemed to me that the foundational mod would be something built off of the 'disaster.php' mod.  Basically, that has all of the main components.   I haven't looked at the code in that, but it seems like the basic adjustment that needs to be done is just to allow the mod to affect more than one city at a time.  Then you just fill it with 'plague' text. 

You wouldn't necessarily have to have people's health affected, because the sheer fact that the city is shut down on them is enough to prod them into action.

I think that as a standalone, 'plague.php' might not be too difficult.  Otherwise, I agree- I think the rest of it is sure to be a fair bit of coding.
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