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Author Topic: Linkchecker for modules  (Read 3299 times)
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« on: September 03, 2005, 02:57:02 PM »

Finally... I found a way (hopefully the right one).

I wrote a linkcheckermodule, it works as follows:

It adds a link to the module manager, you click and get to a seperate page where you can execute the check.

This is because it takes some time to check all the modules... 213 modules on my testserver (most core) needed 20 secs about to check.

-read the download information from the module-table
-check if its core/autodownloadable[anpera/XChrisX]/no http/not publically released
-do not check the above mentioned, only valid http links
-try to fopen the file... (disable error reports before once) if the acces failes -> NOT OK
-close the file if its open (enable error reports after all checks)

and then you get a nice table showing all the results... but it needs some time, as I said...

I don't know if the exact table columns like this make sense... please

a) post bugs
b) criticize and give ideas
c) comment

Here is the link:
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2005, 03:43:29 AM »

Okay.... added a few prefs to let you choose what you want to see in the table  Grin

The main speed problem is: server speed, file access

The script without any f_open needs 2-3 secs to cope with 213 modules (my modules) just for the display of the table and so on.

So if it is really slow, it might be because of slow servers who don't sent their answers fast enough. Consider 50 checks, all need 2 secs to reply "no file"...100 secs just for that.

if anyone has an idea to make this (especially because I had to turn off php error reporting) quicker, I am open for any hint. (file_exists doesn't work, I have to check remote files)

Link as provided above
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