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Author Topic: Sabu the Snakecharmer  (Read 4418 times)
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« on: July 19, 2005, 10:41:10 PM »

While looking through a thread over at the Central LotGD.net forums, I decided to whip this up for fun.  It's based on Sabu's 'Sabu the Snakecharmer' idea he had there:


Basically, it's a Village Mod, that can be placed in a village.  Very high risk, with a 50% chance of death.  Costs 10 gems by default, and you can gain either 10 forest fights (default) and a buff, or 1 (default) PvP fight.

Admin Settings:

- Number of Forest Fights that can be gained (2-20, in increments of 2)
- Number of PvP fights that can be gained (1-3)
- Cost to visit the Snakecharmer (2-20, in increments of 2)
- How many times a day you are allowed to visit the Snakecharmer (1-3)

Edit: Small update to 1.01.
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