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Author Topic: Read Me First!  (Read 13311 times)
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« on: April 14, 2005, 12:12:22 PM »

Use this area if you are encountering problems installing, upgrading or running the game.  Before you post, ensure you check DragonPrime's Installation FAQ and search the forum for posts discussing your problem.  Failure to do so may yield undesired results.

Vague questions will get vague answers, if any answer at all.  As a minimum, you need to tell us: 

-  What game version are you installing or running
-  Whether you are installing, upgrading or suddenly experiencing the problem
-  A detailed description of your problem (copy and paste error messages if need be)
- Whether or not you have non-core modules installed.

Once you question is posted, you may need to wait a while (hours, days) before anyone replies.  Be patient.  Don't IM users with your question - if they know the answer, they'll reply to your post.

Finally, please bear in mind that DragonPrime is a community originally created for, and still dedicated to those who actively code modules and patches for the game.  This section is provided as a courtesy to those who generally use those modules.

To those helping out and providing answers in this forum, thank you. We appreciate the guidance you can provide. Please remember to offer the SIMPLEST answer you can, as the people posting the questions are newbies.

On that note please do not suggest any of these:
* using any version before 1.0.6
* creating code beyond simple modules
* editing the core
* using MySQL when a Grotto tool is suitable

as these aren't newbie advice and will be removed.

- Saucy
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