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Modules de Sixf00t4
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Author Topic: Modules de Sixf00t4  (Read 12596 times)
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« on: April 08, 2005, 10:00:34 PM »

Forest/Village Events
  • The Barrel - Village event to either get blown up, hurt, get gold, or get gems.  plenty of admin settings on each. - Thread
  • Bridge of Death - Forest event of the Bridge of Death taken from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. - Thread
  • Kids - forest event to attack higher ranking players by 12 year olds. - Thread
  • City Themed Creatures - Creates an object pref to allow creatures to appear in just one location. - Thread
  • Roman Bath - Elite chat area for the top X dragon killers or manually assignable. - Thread
  • Free Ale! -Converted from Anpera's .9.7 modifications, this module allows players to buy a round of drinks for others at the inn. - Thread
  • Village Latest DKer - Shows the latest resident DKer in any given village. - Thread
  • Six's Super Six - Scratch off lotto cards available in the inn.  Just a time passer while waiting for the new day. - Thread
  • Rob the Bank - Inspired by lonny's work in .9.7, this allows players to rob the bank.  Recommend the jail along with this module. - Thread
  • Visit a foe - PvP addon for jail system. - Thread
  • Village Events - Based of NPC code by lonny, random village events to give depth to the Role Player's atmosphere. - Thread
  • Cartographer - Gives admin the ability to create map modules to block access to certain areas (ie: lonny's castle, the pond, other villages, etc) by having them to buy a map.  Includes template map file and Main Cartographer shop. - Thread
  • Jail - Inspired by lonny's work from .9.7, players can be thrown in jail. Requires alignment. - Thread
  • City leaders and funds - Allows each village to have an elected leader. - Thread
  • City Images - makes use of cityprefs to allow for images to be shown for each city. - Thread
  • Unique Forests - makes use of cityprefs to allow for theming of the forest for each city. - Thread

  • Stables addon - makes use of cityprefs to give the option to add a stable to any city. - Thread
  • City Prefs - System that allows each city to have object preferences, opening the door for lots of cool additions such as village wars, defenses, leaders, funding, etc. - Thread
  • Tactics - Specialty converted by lonny from .9.7. Story and textual enhancements by enderwiggin. - Thread
  • Rhetoric - Specialty Converted from .9.7 - Thread
  • Seduction - Specialty converted by lonny from .9.7 - Thread
  • Yarmix 98 - A Mix between yar2 and yarborough with a little flavor. - Thread
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« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2005, 07:18:24 AM »

DK RelatedUnderworld
  • Valhalla - alternative to the shades.  Users are sent there based on a setting of how good they are.  Requires alignment. - Thread
  • Ramius NPC - Based of NPC code by lonny,creates Ramius NPC in the underworld. - Thread
  • The Tunnel - A way of escaping the underworld without having to use favor.  Enhanced *dramatically* by enderwiggin and eth. - Thread
  • Clan Admin Approval - Prevents clans from being active until a mod/admin is able to review the details of the clan and then approve it. - Thread
  • Clan Member Cap - Prevents new applicants to a clan if that clan has reached the global limit on clan members - Thread
  • Thanksgiving - text replacements include village name to plymouth rock, green dragon to fat turkey, farmboy to pilgrim, etc. - Thread
  • Dwellings Pack - Contains: - Thread
    • Dwellings Core - Mainfile that everything ties into.
    • additional keys - Lets you assign more keys per dwelling
    • Castles - Allows castles to be constructed
    • Shacks - Allows shacks to be constructed
    • Faerie trees - Allows faerie trees to be inhabited
    • Farmhouses - Allows farmhouses to be constructed
    • upkeep - Makes users maintain their dwellings
    • Dwellings editor - Adminstration of dwellings
    • Cost SP - makes dwellings cost site points
    • PVP - Attack players in dwellings - Authored by Sichae - Discussion here
    • Plunder - allows raiding of coffers Authored by Nightborn - Discussion here
    • Anti-plunder - prevention steps for plundering - Discussion here
    • City Property Value - Allows you to set realty fluctuation per village
  • Owner coffers - Blocks coffers so that only owners have access - Thread
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« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2008, 08:11:40 AM »

These are all of the modules that I have released for use.  If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or do anything additional to these yourself, please report them to their respective threads.

Also, I have many unreleased modules on my site.  Please do not request these modules because I'm either not willing to distribute them for free, they're not finished yet, or I'm not proud of the code and don't want that code representing my abilities. 

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