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  • October 18, 2018, 04:44:31 AM
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Author Topic: What's the difference between 0, "", !, and the end of the world as we know it?  (Read 1043 times)
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« on: December 28, 2006, 01:28:32 PM »

So sometimes I run into a little problem with this concept of "what is nothing"...

Let's say I have a module preference:

"shoetie"=>"How many times have you tied your shoe today?,int|",

Then, let's say I want to make sure that people who haven't tied their shoes are punished drastically:

if (get_module_pref("shoetie")==""){
  output("You trip over your shoelaces and die.");
  addnav("To the Shades",shades.php);

So here's the question... what is the difference between:

1.  if get_module_pref("shoetie")==""
2.  if get_module_pref("shoetie")==0
3.  if !get_module_pref("shoetie")

And what if, for the newday, I  check to see if they tied their shoe the previous day... and if they did I reset the shoetie pref.  What should I use? Which matches up with which?

1.  set_module_pref("shoetie","");
2.  set_module_pref("shoetie",0);
3.  clear_module_pref("shoetie");

Here's what I THINK...

Clear is the same as ""... but 0 is very different from them.  Any clarifications?

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« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2006, 01:37:18 PM »

the thing is, in PHP you normally don't use a defined return type for a function...

so the function "get_module_pref" just returns... something... whatever it is.

array, int, string, char, whatever.

and so are the functions in PHP ...

"" == 0

in this case.

if you expect a number to be returned, i.e. if you have a pref where you save a number, then use (int) to cast it.

$number= (int) get_module_pref("number");

to make sure you get a number and can compare
if ($number==0) {
//do here what happens when it is 0 or not set.

it is... well, freedom in a way, but also tricky.

you don't even need to declare your variables in PHP... once you use it, it is there... and has no type.

//no responsibility, this is how far I understood it
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« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2006, 12:55:31 AM »

So here's the question... what is the difference between:

1.  if get_module_pref("shoetie")==""
2.  if get_module_pref("shoetie")==0
3.  if !get_module_pref("shoetie")

The better question to be asked would be using the trinity operator:

1. if (get_module_pref("shoetie") === "")
2. if (get_module_pref("shoetie") === 0)
3. if (get_module_pref("shoetie") === false)

Here you can see the difference: "===" does check if the left argument and the right argument are exactly the same.

get_module_pref() returns a string as its result. We'll have it return "" in this case.

No. 1 will result in its expression being valid --> "" === "".
No. 2 will result in its expression being invalid.
No. 3 as well.

Why? Because 0 is an integer, not a string. And false is a boolean, not a string.

"==" tries to convert the right argument to the type if the left one and then do a strict comparison.

if (0 == get_module_pref("shoetie"))
is therefor equal to
if (0 === (int)get_module_pref("shoetie"))

For basic coding you can simply use "==" for comparison. But in some case you simply need to know, if certain variables match in value AND type.

(Look at the function get_module_pref() ... Wink There's an example on how it is used Tongue )

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