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  • February 20, 2019, 07:44:14 AM
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Author Topic: destroying alt characters with a will  (Read 2412 times)
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« Reply #15 on: March 26, 2018, 11:02:46 AM »

Thanks for all the replies, opinions, ... What about the following thought: suppose that players could invest in a village or clan by giving everything (experience, gold, gems, ...) they own in their profile to a investing module that generates something for the game, not for the player that invests? Think about the Christmas tree contest, in which you can invest turns, gems and gold  for creating the biggest tree for your clan. But the admin of the game could specify for what the investment should be used at certain periods of the year. One thing that could be created by this investment module could be a library for the village, a new shop or area in the village ... for which the modules already exist on the dragonprime platform; in the last case (new area or shop in village) the investment module functions as a kind of poll system. So players could help to decide the priority of adding selected modules to the game. In the case of the library, it could be a kind of contest for the most beautifull or biggest book case for the clan (like current Christmas tree contest). But I would prefer that the book case or library remains after the contest and nwouldn't disappear (like Christmas tree). In this way, the clan or house is improved by the investment of the players. What about this? Best, WW

Well, there already IS the Clan Buffs module.  I suppose if someone felt like taking it apart, it could be used as a framework for something like that which you suggest.  You'd have to belong to a specific clan in order to see the shop or whatever.  Easy enough in a module to check clan affiliation, and add or not add the needed navigation...based on clan affiliation.

To do it, I think, you'd need a setting and it would be - X Clan has achieved X which allows Y (boolean)
Then you check player's clan affiliation and if it matches...then you allow the navigation.

You'd need a vehicle by which members of a clan could donate the requisite stats and/or materials (incl. gold and gems) which would then be checked against requirements to change the boolean setting from 0 to 1.

Here's the problem I foresee:
People deliberately creating alts to pump up this requirement...so as to circumvent having to give up anything from their "real" character in order to gain the benefit for their "real" character.

It could be avoided by also requiring a certain amount to have been sacrificed to the cause by the player who then gains the benefit...meaning you would need a second boolean setting.

The other way to avoid it...if your stated goal is to help inexperienced players and farmies...would be to have a maximum DK cutoff...whereby the benefit is no longer available to players beyond a certain number of admin-settable DK's (like the way the Garrison's module currently works)
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« Reply #16 on: March 27, 2018, 03:10:07 AM »

The last proposal (investment for clan or house or village) was not intended to transfer benefits or stats from alt to main character, but for permitting to empty an alt into clan, house or village and use the experience, gold, gems, charms etc. to the profit of the clan, village or house. But if you permit the investment tool to give some advantage to firstyears or players with 0 dk's, you surely could do this too. In other case: investment can function as a kind of poll: suppose that you as admin are pondering which new functionality you would add in which order, you have several choices but want to give the players the opportunity to decide in which order new functionalities, or locations or whatever you want to add to the game, should be added. Your game e.g. already has the fruit orchard; but suppose you don't have this and you want to know if players want a fruit orchard or a new village, for naming something. You can ask them and use this investment thing to have kind of votes. In this way, alts can invest all their contents into the game and enrich the game and help you decide what to add next, but no benefits are transferred to main characters. Sorry if I repeat things, but I'm not sure I made everything as clearly as I meant to. Best, WW

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