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  • May 24, 2019, 03:53:25 PM
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Author Topic: The Desert - Customized  (Read 657 times)
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« on: July 12, 2018, 12:22:40 AM »

Okay....so I used The Desert module on my new site, and placed it outside the Ghost Town...where there previously was no Forest or fighting area.  I had to tweak this a bit to make it work there, I had to make it so that Forest Specials would never trigger there..because it caused navigation problems with "specialink" returning you to the forest and not the Desert.  This was accomplished by adding code so that any time your location is (name of Ghost Town, in my case, Xanterra) - Forest Specials do not trigger.  It thus has become a place where you can just fight battles.  But they are tougher...which is Admin settable in the original Desert Module, anyway.

It was either that or rewriting every single Forest Event Module to accommodate The Desert and I did not really want to do that.

So, my code makes it now, when fighting in The Desert, you cannot use your Specialty/Magic, either.  Also, you can't use your pets or anything else extra.  Creating an extra level of toughness I like for the area.

Well...there's times when doing something like this...has a secondary, unintended side effect, and I just found one -it is specific to my site and my code.  And there ARE rare times when unintended side effects are GOOD...and this is one of them.

I have set the final Signet Dungeon to appear in the Ghost Town.  Because of the coding I added to prevent magic use in the Desert and preventing Forest Specials from triggering while fighting in the Desert....I just now discovered that one cannot use pets or magic inside the Final Signet Dungeon, The Dark Lair...or Mierscri's Lair, if you prefer.

This had the effect of making it a MUCH more worthy, yet do-able challenge, worthy of the sort of prize that Dungeon offers.

Fun stuff.  I am happy as heck about this one....a rare moment when an unintended effect turns out to actually be VERY GOOD!!!

Just thought I would share this.  Incidentally, I also copied The Desert, and made a second special fighting area called The Tundra.  Again I had to prevent Forest Specials from triggering and did so.  BUT...this time...I was unable to prevent the Flying Healer...from transporting you back to The Desert...and Xanterra...if you used him from The Tundra...which of course I attached to Ice Town (in my game this is Aurora Borealis) - so the harder effect there is you can't heal while fighting there, unless you have healing magic, because in this case I did NOT prevent magic from happening in The Tundra.

So the Signet located there, you get to use your magic and pets and so on.  Just really interesting how it all worked out.  Some of it was just tweaking things around in order to be able to place these areas in towns that did not actually normally have fighting areas.  And here, I ended up with some rather interesting effects that worked out good.

Of course, I will share my modified code with anyone who asks, as per the rules of the Creative Commons License (CCL)
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