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Good free and paid hosts to use.
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Author Topic: Good free and paid hosts to use.  (Read 2430 times)
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« on: April 13, 2010, 01:08:29 PM »

From what I'm seeing this section is REALLY spread thin. For people that actually have FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE with free or paid webhosts post them here.
Some good info would be how long you have used it, How many players you can have on at once, and a general number of how many modules you have on with X players and it is running like X.
For example I'm using the free host
5gigs.net and I have about 200 modules added with 100 installed and its running 2 npc's and 3 users flawlessly. Its perfect for a test server or small live server.
It is also easily upgraded to paid hosting which I have zero experience with.
The tech stats listed are.

Domain Name
5000 MB of Disk Space
200 GB of Bandwidth
1 Email Account
PHP/Mysql Support
Pre-installed Scripts
FTP Access

Really not that bad actually. I've seen plenty of paid hosts not running with that much bandwith or disk space.
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