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CavemanJoe's Modules
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Author Topic: CavemanJoe's Modules  (Read 2815 times)
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« on: November 17, 2009, 10:23:43 AM »

Work in progress...

Console (alt)
Shiny Icons to use in your themes or whatever

Modules ready to work in your game
DaySave.php 2.0 - Chronospheres
Server Performance Tracker
Mount Accessories (new version coming soon)
Mechanical Turk (player submitted monsters - new version coming soon)
LotGD Analytics
Stamina System (new version pending release)
Test Pattern
Creature Hit Targets
Combat Bars (new version pending release)
Donator-Only Skins
Permanent Accounts

Modules requiring theme alterations
These modules, should you wish to use them in your game, will require some textual changes to fit in with the sword-and-sorcery theme of standard LotGD.
Improbable Island Travel Agents
Money Box (retired)
Skronky Pot (ugh)

Modules requiring core modifications and/or heavy theme alterations
Pending polish.

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