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Author Topic: City Themed Creatures Editor v0.0.4  (Read 3425 times)
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« on: August 21, 2009, 02:12:42 PM »

City Themed Creatures Editor v0.0.4

This module was requested by RaynDarren and she agreed to have it released publicly.

Basically it's a modified version of the creature editor using a lot of code from the files creatures.php and modules.php and then modified to suit. She had the city themed creatures module installed and wanted the list to show which city each creature was in and also to be able to show only the creatures from certain cities.

I modified the columns to show the location, forest/graveyard setting and removed the weapon name, win/die message and author columns. When a level is selected, on the navs below that level are the names of the cities. See first attached image.

I also modified the way that modules that modified the creature properties were included. They now are no longer linked in the navs, but shown as tabs. This allows for quicker data input. See second and third attached images.

This editor is designed to replace the current one. There's a setting to hide the grotto link if you wish.

Requires the City Themed Creatures (citythemedcreatures.php) module by Sixf00t4.
(I have a version that doesn't require this file. can be found here.)

23/08/09 - v0.0.4
+ Fixed a bug where if the setting didn't have a default value you couldn't save data to it.

Bugs, feedback, etc, welcome. Smiley

Zip file attached.
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