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Legend of the Green Dragon Installation
By SaucyWench
At DragonPrime we have been INUNDATED with people who do not have a CLUE about web hosting who try to run their own server. We think this is STUPID, because LoGD is not for beginners, it's for intermediate web hosts - people who've hosted a game before. But beginners still come in droves and never listen to us anyway so here is the tutorial. It is NOT designed to teach everything. It takes you through each part but YOU have to go fill in the learning if there are bits you don't understand. Not us. If you run to the forums to say you're reading this tutorial and you don't understand, we will just slap you with a 4x2 GoogleBat and tell you to get lost. =)

Seriously. If you don't understand something, GOOGLE it.
If you do not know what Googling is, click here.

"Gosh, you're mean and nasty, Saucy, you should just explain it to me, because I don't understand, so don't be so lazy."
Actually, I'm not. Not only have I left out all the detail to make you get off your own behind, I am showing you that you do not have the knowledge required, since so many people try to ignore that part. The only reason you've been sent here to read this is because someone felt you weren't ready to run a server, or that you're missing vital knowledge to do it properly. Our continual problem over at DragonPrime is people who INSIST on trying to run a server when they are not ready. Time and time again they come along just as you have, and they haven't got the knowledge they need but they want to battle on anyway. And then they get upset when they can't manage to complete the install (because they're missing knowledge) or they get upset that we won't provide it all for them. Knowing how to install and run a LoGD server is not something you can learn by reading a one-page document here. You need to know other stuffs. During this whole page, you MUST stop and learn every time you come across something you don't understand. Don't keep skipping along to try and finish, or it will all go pear-shaped. You have been warned.

I am also teaching you to teach yourself. It's a valuable skill, not just for installing this game. You can learn anything in the world if you have learned how to learn.

FIRST - Check your underwear.
Do you have all the underneath knowledge you need before you start? (Probably not.) DO NOT SKIP THESE THINGS. IF YOU DO, IT WILL ALL GO HORRIBLY WRONG. If you are not a beginner it will seem like this is a list for idiots. Sorry in advance; but you'd be staggered at the silly questions people ask.

1. Do you know how to download a file and save it locally? You need a copy of the LoGD game source code. It is located at DragonPrime.net . The download link will not magically appear. You will have to register, log in, and then open your eyes and look around for it.
2. Do you know what an application is?
3. Do you know what a tar.gz file is, and which application you need to open it? Do you have that file installed on your computer? Do you know how to extract files from a tar.gz file into a new folder on your computer?
4. Do you know how to drag and drop files and directories from one place to another? Can you create, move, copy and delete folders in your chosen operating system? Do you know what your current operating system is?
5. Do you understand directory structure? Do you know what a parent and child directory are, what a root directory is?
6. Do you know what a server is?

You must answer YES to all those questions above. If you cannot, your adventures as a game admin will FAIL. If you answered NO to any of them, we will not tell you. But don't spill tears - go research. Jump into Google and start asking the questions, and start reading SEVERAL of the answers that come up until you feel that you understand. Quiz yourself on those six questions and make sure you know the answers by heart. Then you are ready to continue because you have learned the most important thing, which is GO LOOKING for an answer when something is wrong, don't just ask, try to find it yourself first. Curious admins are the best kind.

SECOND - Decision time.
Why are you starting your own game?
1. Because I'm curious to see if it's hard to do the setup - You want to install on EasyPHP (Difficulty: Easier; but you need to use a lot of your own initiative)
2. Because I want to learn to code my own modules later - You want to install on EasyPHP, or if you want others to access the game and test things out for you, you want Webspace (Difficulty: Medium)
3. Because me and my friends think this is cool and we want our own game - You want Webspace (Difficulty: Medium)
4. Because I love this game and I want to run my own game for people all over the world to play on - You want Webspace (Difficulty: Medium) NOTE: Running a public game on your own computer is possible but NOT recommended, and NOT supported by us, for security reasons.
5. Because you can make a lot of money with donations from a Legend of the Green Dragon game - OK, so you're a comedian. Unfortunately you are making people laugh without meaning to. No matter what you might think, and how many sites you have seen with big donation bars, you will not make enough money to live on by running a LoGD server. To our knowledge not even any of the HUGE servers generate half of a checkout operator wage. Be realistic, it can be hard to even cover server costs.

If you are still reading this tutorial then you are probably an absolute beginner; and I am not going to explain setting up EasyPHP - you would be best to use webspace. EasyPHP is actually easier - but you have to hunt for the tutorials and support yourself in getting it up and running, whereas Webspace is explained in this document. If you would like to use EasyPHP, you will need to Google for tutorials on setting up EasyPHP and do it yourself (hint: try "installing EasyPHP" and "download EasyPHP"). Make sure MySQL and Apache are started. Then skip forward to the part here about preparing your files.

THIRD - Your game needs a home.
The place your game lives is called Webspace, also called a Host. You need a hosting account (webspace) to run this game. It must meet certain requirements. The main ones are that you can use MySQL and PHP there and of course that they will let you run a game, since some hosts do not like games being run. It is up to YOU to find a host. DragonPrime has a section which mentions a few hosts who we know are ok for running this game. No, I will not tell you where on DragonPrime that section is. Try searching with the Search option. I recommend a LINUX host, not Windows, simply because I'm only explaining the Linux version here. Choose one of the hosts, then go to their website, and figure out how to sign up. You'll need to do all of that part on your own - come back here when your host tells you that your webspace is ready to go.

FOURTH - Preparing your files.
So you have arranged your hosting account and you've worked out how to log into it just fine. Or, you have installed EasyPHP. Either way, you now need to arrange your files into place.

Extract the LoGD source files out of the file you downloaded and saved. You need the right unpacker application to open the .tar.gz file. Put them into a folder intact without rearranging anything - the application will have an option there somewhere to use folder names, or keep directory structure intact, and this is important. Remember where you put it. The Desktop is not the right place to unpack to - make a new folder called LoGD or something, rather than spilling 100 files all over the picture of the puppies that you thought were cute.

If you're using Webspace: You now need to find and run an FTP application. Try Google. What is FTP anyway? I bet Google knows. (Remember the questions right up the top about dragging and dropping, creating, removing, copying? Now you know why you needed to know.) Your host has sent you the information you need for FTP and you need to put that info into your chosen FTP application. FTP applications can sometimes be a pain because some of them are a little tricky to connect and configure. Some hosts will recommend a particular one and many have their own tutorials showing you how to connect to your host. Unfortunately I can't help at all, but I'm sure there's plenty of websites somewhere that know how to set them up and get them to connect. I wonder where they might be? Hrm... I will tell you though that most people can just use Internet Explorer as a basic FTP application. How? I can't believe you're asking ME... you know where to find out, so go find out. Once you have either Internet Explorer or the FTP connected to your host account, and you can see the folder called either "www" or "public_html", double click it to open it up, and you're ready to continue. Open a second folder where you extracted all the files out of the LoGD source file, and put the two open folders side-by-side so that you can see both. Most FTP applications let you do that inside the application so that half the window is your local computer.
If you're using EasyPHP: Then this part is much easier. Open the folder where you installed it on your computer and there will be a "www" folder in there somewhere. Open a second window where you extracted all the files out of the LoGD source file, and put the two open folders side-by-side.

For both installs: SELECT ALL the files from the folder you extracted the source into (you need EVERYTHING from the LoGD source file, not just bits and pieces). If you do not know how to select all the files, don't do them one by one - click one to highlight it, then let go, hold down CONTROL and press A and let go both. They will all be highlighted. Isn't that magic?
Click ONCE on the highlighted areas without letting go, then drag the mouse over to the other folder and then let go. Your files will be all copied or moved over to where they belong, exactly in the same order and structure as they should be. Don't interfere or stop it or change anything around, or it won't work.

FIFTH - The Database
If you're using EasyPHP: You need to create a database if one doesn't exist already. Check the EasyPHP documentation to find out, and if it's not automatically set up already, follow their info on how to create a database.
If you're using Webspace: Most hosts provide cPanel. They've probably sent you a welcome email or a tutorial explaining how to get into it. Follow their instructions to log in now and make sure you can see cPanel with lots of icons of scary things. Go into MySQL Databases and create a database. Then create a user and select ALL PRIVILEDGES. Then assign that user to the database you made. These things might be new to you but you should have no problem figuring out what to do, just by reading the whole MySQL Databases screen until you see the parts I mentioned. If you need further help Google "creating a database in cPanel" and follow someone else's tutorial.

SIXTH - Start the Installer
Point your browser to http://YourHostHasProvidedYourURL/installer.php (EasyPHP just go to http://localhost/installer.php ). If you are confused, look back over the welcome email, because the website URL or "address" will be there somewhere. If you still don't understand what I asked you to do, then figure out what "point your browser" means - you are probably over-thinking it, because this is the simplest part of the whole thing, and you have completed much harder things so far.

I'm a cruel mean meany, so the actual Installation you should be able to complete without any help from me. I'll toss in this part for free: The step where you might possibly get stuck is Step 4, which might show BLAST! messages that tell you something has failed. If you get four yellow Success messages and are ready for the next step, please stand up on your desk now and dance, and be glad. If not, you'll be going back to try again. Your host's welcome email should have all the info you need. If you still have no joy, your Host can support you here, tell them you're creating a dbconnect file and need the correct values for these four items if you get the BLAST! message coming up. Ask if they have PREFIXES; you might need them. Your database might not be what you think; it might be YourAccountName_TheNameYouChose instead. Also, NEVER activate domain_move or serversuspend if you don't know what they are.

SEVENTH - the SUCCESS! screen comes up
OH NO NO NO NO... you are not finished at all, Sunshine.
You now have at least several hours of work ahead. Log in, enter the Grotto. Go into the User Editor, search for your admin name, click Edit, put in your email address, Save and log out. Create a second character named something boring, give it Megauser flag, tick "Do not display YOM warning", click Save. This is your "rescue" character, because one day soon you'll screw up and need to rescue your first admin character. Log out and come back as your first admin character.

Now spend a long time wandering around. And I mean that, go into your Grotto and wander to EVERY link to see what they all are. (The only one not to touch is the RAW SQL and PHP if you don't know what they are - feel free to look, but don't execute anything.) Go through the settings. Think about them all. Some of them are awful on purpose if you don't fix them.

There's two meanings for "play". One is to engage in the game, slay dragons etc. But you're not the one doing that, you're running it. I mean, test the place out, try out the (awful) settings you chose, adjust, rethink, rearrange. If you're writing your own code then play about testing that.

And when you break something else, remember what you learned here about trying to find the answers yourself...

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