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  • a) How do I install a module?

    • Upload the module file (.php) to your game's modules folder (an offshoot of your main LotGD folder). Sometimes the module will come with a subdirectory. Either the subdirectory will be called "lib" or it will have a name similar to the main file. If it's called "lib", move all the files inside that directory into modules/lib. Otherwise, just drop the folder AS IS into your modules folder.
    • Using an account with the required privileges, head to your Superuser Grotto (in game) and go to "Manage Modules"
    • Find the module you just uploaded in your "Uninstalled Modules" list
    • Either Check It (Grouping added in 1.0.0) or just click "Install"
    • Confirm the settings to are appropriate to your server, then activate the module
    • Remember to have fun with it.

  • b) How can I edit a Module's Settings?

    You will need to start in the Grotto. Remember, that's where everything happens.

    The first thing you need to do is install the module. If it's already installed, then you need to find it.

    There are 2 ways to get to a module's settings:
    1. Game Settings: Click here and find the module on the lefthand nav bar
    2. Module Manager: Click here. Look for the category that the module is under and click to that category. Then, find the module and click on it.

    Both ways will bring you to the same page.

  • c) How can I edit a Player's Preferences?

    First, you will need to edit the player. There are a couple of ways of doing this.

    1. Click on the player's name anywhere that they have commented. This will bring you to their bio page. There is a nav called "Edit user". Click here.

    2. In the Grotto, there is a link called "User Editor". Click here.

    Good, you've found the player. Now click "Edit" next to their name. This will bring up a list of all the modules that you can change preferences on. Find the module you want to edit and then you're done!

  • d) Wait! I still can't find the Player's Preference for a module! Help!

    Sometimes you'll run into a module that has preferences that are harder to find. A good example of this is with the "Dwellings" modules.

    In this module, players buy different dwellings. If you want to edit one of their dwellings, you have to look somewhere completely different.

    The Dwellings has what's called an "Editor". In the grotto, there's a set of navs under Editors. Click on the Dwellings editor and suddenly you'll be on your way to finding the dwelling of the player you want to edit.

    In other words, if you're struggling with finding a preference, check the forums for the particular module and see if there's an answer there.

  • e) I'm having a problem with a module...

    Search the forum for the relavent thread/discussion of that module. If you cannot find your answer there, it is best to post your question within that thread and maybe someone can help you.

    Do not start a new topic until you have searched thoroughly or ye run the risk of being flogged, keelhauled, or drawn and quartered.

  • f) I want to write a module, but do not know PHP

    Start here, then...

    So, you have a great idea for a module, but do not know anything about coding in PHP. An easy tutorial to walk you through a basic LoGD module creation is located at Saucy's Module Tutorial

    It describes the creation of a very simple findgem module step-by-step. Take the time to work it through from beginning to end in order to gain an understanding of some the intricacies of coding.

    Visit the other PHP sites listed in the LINKS area of the forum for more thorough information about coding with PHP. Between the two, you will gain knowledge which will set you free to create modules to be played for realms that exist only in your imagination.

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