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  • a) What do I need to run a Legend of The Green Dragon Server?

    You will need access to a MySQL database (4.x.x. preferred) and a PHP hosting location to run this game. Basic intelligence is also required.

    If you have to ask how to use or setup MySQL, PHP, Apache, etc, then go out there and do some research. Follow some of the links provided in this forum. But DON'T ask for those instructions here.

  • b) How do I install Legend of the Green Dragon?

    Extract the files using winRAR, WinZip or a similar program, then upload them to your webspace using FTP or whatever method you prefer. If you have to ask what WinZip or FTP are, then you need to do some more research before continuing forward.

    BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, read and understand the license that this game is released under. You are legally bound by the license if you install this game on a publically accessible web server!

    Next, read the README.txt file, and follow the instructions.

    MySQL Setup: Setup should be pretty straightforward, create the database, create an account to access the database on behalf of the site; this account should have full permissions on the database (Including LOCK).

    After you have the database created, point your browser at the location where you have the game files installed. You will see the installation screen (installer.php) appearing by default. The installer will walk you through a complete setup from the ground up. Make sure to follow all instructions!

    Check each screen carefully for error messages. Any requests for help need detailed information to allow us to assist you.

    Finally, create a new account, then login with your administrator account (created during setup) and give that new account full administrator privileges. Having this second account will enable you to recover from nasty errors.

    Now that your game is up and running, you'll need to start installing and activating modules, and adjusting the game settings to fit your tastes (Yes, the settings DO need adjusting!).

  • c) LOCK TABLES settings WRITE Access denied

    There are a few database operations which require your account be able to LOCK the database. Some providers (such as GoDaddy) do not provide you that right in the database.

    Your first solution is to talk with your webspace provider, and ask them to give you LOCK table privilege. If they won't do that, you'll need to find another host for your game.

    Disabling the lock, or using assorted other SQL techniques will not work for a variety of reasons. (It has been discussed in the forums)

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