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  • a) How do I translate the game?

    Well, this is a very common question as LotGD spreads wider and wider. So here is a little help for you if you don't know anything about *how* translating works technically.

    This FAQ was prepared by Nightborn.

  • b) How can I translate the game...do I need to modify the files?

    No, you needn't and I would say you mustn't. If you change files in order to translate, this falls under the CC License and you have to publish all changes (nasty work if you change all files with text in it).

    LotGD (above 0.97) has a translator tool built in. What this means? Well...

    Technically, you have two tables. One called "untranslated" which is used to store untranslated texts, the other one called "translations" where the translated texts are stored. If you want to have translations, you have to fill your translations table. How you use the tool and how the tables look like, will be explained below.

  • c) How do I use the built-in translator?

    First of all, you have to have the tool enabled. Do so by: Grotto -> User Editor -> Search for your name -> Edit -> Superuser flags -> Check 'Enable Translation Tool'.

    Then you will have my little friends all over your screen. Tiny little *red* T's. Blue T's are your friend, because it means there is an existing translation for this text. If the T is red, then there is no translation for the text yet existing.

    Just click on a red T to let the tool pop up. You can now enter a text that replaces the current source text with any text you desire. You may also use colour codes and the like here (but be careful...).

    This way of translating is the most common one. Yet you have to collect text in order to translate *most* of the text. You can as well access the "Untranslated Texts" section in the grotto now, but it will be empty. You have first to turn on the collection of text.

  • d) How do I collect texts?

    There is a setting in the grotte where you can start the collection of texts. Every time a user encounters a not-translated text LotGD stores it in the untranslated table with the language the user had. You may then insert translations from the grotto. This is much more efficient than clicking through every module / event yourself. Yet it costs CPU time...

    Switch it on changing to "yes": Grotto -> Game Settings -> Translation Set Up -> Permanently Collect ...

    You may also limit the collecting by changing the number below ("Collect untranslated texts if you have fewer player than this logged in. (0 never collects)").

  • e) How do I use the "Untranslated Texts" section in the grotto?

    Well, it's really simple. :)

    You can either get random translations... or have translations by namespace (which is better I think).

    Just enter the text you want to have as replacement, and here you go.

    You can only translate for the language you are have in your own preferences now. i.e. if you want to translate the game into Dutch, you mustn't have German in your preferences as language.

  • f) What is the structure of the translations and/or the untranslated table?

    "Translations" has the following fields: tid, language, uri, intext, outtext, author, version.
    "Untranslated" has the following fields: namespace, language, intext.

    Tid: Is a auto increment number to make each row unique.
    Language: The language of the translation. i.e. if there's a "de", it means "German translation".
    Namespace/Uri: Namespace or module/filename the translation originates from.
    Intext: Text from the module which is to be translated
    Outtext: Text from the translator (YOU or one of your admins) which replaces the intext in this row for this language.
    Author: The author of this translation.
    Version: The version of the game the translation was done from.

  • g) HELP! My language is not listed! Neither in the preferences nor the game settings!

    Well, this might be the case :) only a few are listed there.

    You need to edit files... i.e. via Notepad, Notepad ++, vi, vim, or what editor you may use.
    You need to edit prefs.php and configuration.php.
    Search for:
    "language"=>"Language (Not Yet Complete),enum,en,English,de,Deutsch,dk,Danish,es,Espaol,it,Italian,test,Test Translator",and add your language in this array. You need a abbreviation like "de" for "Deutsch" or "en" for "English" and add it into this line. i.e. if you want to have Russian in it, you change it to:
    "language"=>"Language (Not Yet Complete),enum,en,English,ru,Russian,de,Deutsch,dk,Danish,es,Espaol,it,Italian,test,Test Translator",
    There will be more language tags included in the future.

    These tags don't translate anything automatically... but they let LotGD know what language the user wants.

  • h) HELP! There is some kind of error if I edit something in the popup and save!

    Well, if you edit an already translated text with the popup (i.e. hitting the blue T), there is a chance that you produce a double entry for this intext in your translations table. If you now try to edit once again, you hit save and there is a whitescreen saying "Insert into...." and so on. You have to remove the duplicate entry now from the table (go into the table directly and remove this entry (search by intext and then delete one).

  • i) HELP! I translated something and it shows up in

    Well, occasionally, the translator collects already translated texts... you have to be aware of these, because they also produce duplicate entries if you just enter the translation anew

  • j) Translation Wizard - a little advertising

    You may, if you want to make translating / translation-editing easier, download the Translation Wizard. This program lets you have almost full control of the translations and untranslated table directly from the grotto. As well as it contains a Central Translations section where some translations are stored. Also checking for duplicates and removing of already translated parts are features.

    I don't want to go into detail, but you may find it useful.

    Discussion thread = http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=2821

  • k) How do I change the TITLE of the game

    Use the Translation Wizard. The way is to choose Start Scan and then choose a page from the drop down list (start with the core files like Village, and do the modules last). The wizard will list a pile of the known texts for you to change... you should be able to work out how to do this on this screen. Just tick say, 4 of them, go to the edit area, and you'll see the boxes lined up showing the old texts and waiting for your new texts. If you can't get this part going ok, think carefully on whether you should be running a server and putting so much work into changing it.

    There is also one GOLDEN rule to follow. Once you leave the grotto and are checking the game to make sure everything looks ok, never, ever, use the T boxes to fix changed text, if they are already BLUE. This means they are already translated. If you translated one and it needs to be fixed, use the T box to open the window, DELETE everything in the bottom box, save it, then go back and put the correct text in and save. You must, must, must delete the incorrect one and make it empty, because if you try to edit using the standard tool you'll get a duplicate entry. These are easy to fix in the Wizard in the Grotto, but it's much better not to create them in the first place (and then you won't have to learn how to edit already translated texts in the Wizard, which to be perfectly honest is not straightforward).

    Discussion thread: here

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