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Questions and Answers
  • a) Who can share files?

    Any registered member of this forum may submit files for upload for sharing.

  • b) What kind of files will be uploaded?

    Only files which directly support modifications to LoTGD will be uploaded. You must either be the author or have the author's explicit permission to upload any module, IGM or other file.

    Forum administration reserves the right to delete files which do not meet the requirements.

  • c) How do I submit a file for upload?

    1. Create a discussion thread. (Read HERE for more)
    2. Attach your module to a post in the "File Submissions" area in the forum, including:
    a) The link to the module's discussion thread
    b) A category type
    c) A brief description

    Your module will then be moved into the downloads section as soon as one of the File Managers is able to do so.

    The File Submissions area is HERE.

  • d) What do you recommend I do to announce my new module?

    Make a discussion post:

    1. Choose a category from the "Alchemist's Laboratory" discussion board and start a new forum.

    2. Title Format:
    Type: Name, Author, Version

    3. Description Format:

    Module Type
    Module Name
    Module Author
    Module Version
    Date Created
    Required Modules

    Available for Download Here:

    Download location will be "Pending" until your module is approved. Once your module is approved and a download location is available you can update this line.

  • e) What types of files can I upload?

    The preferred formats for your files is .zip

    If all else fails, you may submit a file as .txt
    ANY EXECUTABLE FILE WILL NOT BE UPLOADED. This is a major security issue.

  • f) Why can't I upload the files as PHP?

    Two words: System Security

  • g) Where did my file go?

    If a file you uploaded is missing, it was likely deleted by an admin because:

    1) The file was not your work, and you did not have the rights to share it;
    2) The file did not fall within the purposes of this forum;
    3) The file was copyrighted material not approved for free distribution;
    4) The subject matter was inappropriate; and
    5) The administration reserves the right to remove any and all material not described by the foregoing, but is not appropriate for sharing here.

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