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  • May 26, 2019, 01:58:25 AM
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Author Topic: Enhanced list.php  (Read 2619 times)
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« on: June 25, 2004, 11:39:54 AM »

This is something I've just put on my server, and I'm digging it.
It improves the player listings, specifically the locations (online, fields, etc)
What I did was replace the:

output($row[location]?"`3Boar's Head Inn`0"Sad$loggedin?"`#Online`0":"`3The Fields`0"));

switch ($row['location']) { //odds only happen when logging out in an Inn.
      case 0:
         output($loggedin?"`#Domarr's Keep`0":"`3Plains of Al'Khadar`0");
      case 1:
         output("`3Red Dragon Inn`0");
      case 2:
         output($loggedin?"`#Ultok Morndin`0":"`3Foothills at Ultok Morndin`0");
      case 3:
         output("`3Dwarf Inn of Ultok Morndin`0");
      case 4:
         output($loggedin?"`#Tauredae`0":"`3The Dark Woods (Tauredae)`0");
      case 5:
         output("`3Elvin Inn of Tauredae`0");
      case 6:
         output($loggedin?"`#Fengate`0":"`3Field outside Fengate`0");
      case 7:
         output("`3Inn of Fengate`0");
      case 8:
         output($loggedin?"`#Shadowholde`0":"`3Slums of Shadowholde`0");
      case 9:
         output("`3Inn of Shadowholde`0");
      case 10:
         output($loggedin?"`#Arrennias`0":"`3Camp outside Arrennias`0");
      case 11:
         output("`3Inn of Arrennias`0");

These list the six different cities I plan on implementing, and the placeholders for the inns at each city (of which there will probably be additional ones eventually).
If a player is online, they will be shown as being in whatever city there are at currently, with a different color (`#). If they are not online, they will be shown as being in the identified inn, or the "free section" for that city (where they also go when timed out).
When a player arrives at a new city, their location is set to the city location (currently the even numbers). Inns will be the odd numbers (until I start adding more specific locations).
I didn't like it just displaying as "online" if a person was online, and this way it denotes the online players with a specific color, and also shows what city they are in.

A simple change, but I like it lots. Smiley
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