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Author Topic: Control of Flawless Fights  (Read 2396 times)
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« on: June 18, 2004, 10:43:26 AM »

This got buried in another post so I'll put it here in a new one.

I did this on my server to control runaway perfect fights. This also prevents resurrects from gaining flawless fights.

Add to accounts:
perfection  int 11

Add this to newday.php:
$session['user']['perfection'] = 0;

Change the flawless fight call in forest.php to this:
//begin change

//if ($session[user][hitpoints] == $session[user][maxhitpoints]){    
if ($badguy['diddamage']!=1){
if ($session['user']['perfection']<=10 && $session['user']['spirits']>=-2){
if ($session['user']['level']>=getsetting("lowslumlevel",4) || $session['user']['level']<=$creaturelevel){
output("`b`c`&~~ Flawless Fight! ~~`\$`n`bYou receive an extra turn!`c`0`n");
output("`b`c`&~~ Flawless Fight! ~~`b`\$`nA more difficult fight would have yielded an extra turn.`c`n`0");
output("`n`b`cYou can't get any flawless fights right now.`c`b");

//end change

To change the amount of flawless fights allowed simply change the number in this line:
if ($session['user']['perfection']<=10

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