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Author Topic: Clock Tower  (Read 3356 times)
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« on: June 04, 2004, 11:28:46 AM »

Clock Tower by Robert
for LoGD .97

A tower that players can visit - search and explore IF they have a backpack
based on Lonny Castle and uses Lonny's FIND FUNCTION
You can find Lonny's Castle with find() function at: Dragon Prime: under Lonny's shared files

*  this is NOT a drop into folder type mod
*  access to db required
*  editing: clocktower.php, common.php, newday.php, user.php, village.php required
*  creation of shop or vendor: to sell candle and backpack to player is required
  - dont know how? Go to: Modder's Area > Generic Shop
*  Can be installed without Lonny's Castle installed but you MUST have Lonny's find() function installed!!

See Lonny's Castle for full details concerning the find() function.
Go to: Modder's Area > Lonny's Castle

Perhaps Lonny will make the find() function as a seperate install via a .txt file - This function ROCKS !!

Thanx a bunch Lonny !!!

Clock Tower:

edit note: link updated Jan2005
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