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Author Topic: Underworld Places  (Read 3031 times)
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« on: April 07, 2006, 05:51:07 PM »

We know the default game doesnt intend for a player to enjoy themselves in the underwold (Land of Shades). However, as one who enjoys making modifications to the game ..we sometimes put aside the 'defult games intentions'  Wink

Talisman and I discussed in the past, a plan to make several new Underworld Places for the players to venture besides the Graveyard - however - niether he nor I have the time to discuss it let alone the time to even start coding it!

The idea is really quite simple, provide other places for the player to venture to other than the Graveyard for them to fight the Underworld Creatures and gain favor with Ramius.

- Create places which will enable player to venture through and slay creatures
- Hook them into the Land of Shades
- Allows the player more options besides the GraveYard
--> Even though they are doing very much the same thing!
--> If player see's more places to visit other than graveyard, maybe their time there wont be so hum-drum


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« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2006, 09:50:52 PM »

you realize what the next step after that is, right?

players will want to be primarily dead, and then want the game to be reverse, so when they die in the graveyard, they have to go back to the real world.  that will be fun for newday...

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« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2006, 03:25:26 AM »

Yep... we're well aware =)

I say go nuts with this, and include a standardized text note in every file to the effect of, "It is strongly recommended that the vast majority of your site's modules are in the ALIVE part of the realm, as too many in the DEAD zone will encourage your players to die often."

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« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2006, 11:50:32 AM »

More interaction with the living while dead would be cool too, like.. you could visit some places (inn, cities, etc) and kind of be like a "wandering soul" or ghost type. I don't know. Just throwing out suggestions.
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