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Author Topic: Healing Potions In PvP  (Read 2714 times)
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Violent J
« on: August 02, 2005, 07:41:34 PM »

OK, so...first off....

I love this game. Loved it so much I had to try and figure out how to mod it and make my own server. So I did, and Im just takin this first line to say I love it. Now onto my idea...

I recently put the healing potion mod into my game and I think its great. Saves the player time and money, and its just damn convienient. I was in the forest, and I came up with this idea. How about using these potions in PvP? Had a player set variable that they can change on when there character would use a potion in pvp automatically, since when you get attacked, your not online. For example, Lets say I log off for the day and joe smoe decides to break into the inn and kill me. Well, hes kickin my ass, and in a real fight I think I'd be able to heal myself during battle. Thank god my pvp potion variable is set to 25 hp, so when my hp  gets to 25, i get healed. OF course, my attacker would be able to do the same.

The great thing about this idea is it would last for longer and more complex pvp battles. You never know exactly how many potions that other person has before you attack. And...if you set it to 25 and under and your attacker executes a triple super power move and hits you for 200 damage, obviously that would trip the variable, but since your below 0, your dead, and cant use the potion. If this happens, any potions you had on you when you died go to your killer, if the killer has room to hold a potion of course. And if not, then the killer takes one and drinks it right away.

Phew, all in one breath. Now, i know very little about coding in php so someone else would have to do this. I dont even know if it would be possible, but its my idea so give me credit somewhere! heh.
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