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Author Topic: whats wrong...  (Read 2940 times)
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« on: March 20, 2004, 03:24:42 AM »

Why wont this work in my chat sessions?  Undecided Cry

(this is just the main input for the common.php)

$string = eregi_replace("Undecided#", '<img src=images/bigteeth.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":\#", '<img src=images/bigteeth.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("Undecided@", '<img src=images/angry.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":\@", '<img src=images/angry.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":\)", '<img src=images/smile.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("Undecided)", '<img src=images/smile.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":\(", '<img src=images/sad.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("Undecided(", '<img src=images/sad.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":-p", '<img src=images/tongue.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":p", '<img src=images/tongue.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":'\(", '<img src=images/cry.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(";-\)", '<img src=images/wink.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(";\)", '<img src=images/wink.gif>', $string);
$string = str_replace("Undecided\", '<img src=images/undecided.gif>', $string);
$string = str_replace(":\\", '<img src=images/undecided.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":-d", '<img src=images/bigsmile.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":d", '<img src=images/bigsmile.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("/roll", '<img src=images/roll.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("Undecided*", '<img src=images/kiss.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":\*", '<img src=images/kiss.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("Lips Sealed", '<img src=images/sealedlips.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":X", '<img src=images/sealedlips.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("Undecided?", '<img src=images/huh.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":\?", '<img src=images/huh.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("Undecided[", '<img src=images/emberassed.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":\[", '<img src=images/emberassed.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("Undecided|", '<img src=images/straightface.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":\|", '<img src=images/straightface.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("-_-", '<img src=images/straight.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":-O", '<img src=images/shocked.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace(":O", '<img src=images/shocked.gif>', $string);
$string = eregi_replace("=-=-=-=", '<img src=images/saddamn1.gif>', $string);


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