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Author Topic: The Gem's Gnome  (Read 2982 times)
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« on: October 31, 2004, 03:53:39 AM »

Here a nice (IMHO) forest event where you meet a gnome that like to play dice  Grin
His dices differ from normal dice as they have more faces. You can bet only one gem and you will have the chance to win a huge amount.
What you have to do is quite simple: you must guess the number that will appear on the dice. If your guess is exact your bet will be multiplied by 3, if your guess will be (x-1) or (x+1) your bet will be multiplied by 2.
The first 2 guess are mandatory, you can't retire at first guess.

Of course the number of faces is configurable (default I've set for first dice is 6), and increase each guess, so the second guess will be done with a 7 faces dice, the third with 8 and so on ...

Thanks goes to XChrisX[/color] for cleaning up my bad english in the script.

You can find it [color=33FF33]here[/color].

Comments, suggestion & criticism are always welcome  Wink

P.S. 0.9.8 version will hit the market soon  Grin

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