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241  Village Square / General Discussion Area / Re: Abigail - Core Module on: June 29, 2017, 05:57:44 AM
The file you linked to is version is 1.0

Have you tried the 1.1 version? It's part of the core module pack. Smiley


Well, I will give it a try.  I run 1.1.0 and this says fr 1.1.2 and higher.
I expect the only difference may be some color codes, but I can try it.

It's either that or Abigail gets dumped from my game for being an annoying wench.

Likely I have the older version of Abigail, because I started out running 1.0.6 and upgraded to 1.1.0 a long time ago.

I think I already mentioned my unwillingness to upgrade higher than 1.1.0
242  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Custom Colors : File Submission/Discussion on: June 27, 2017, 07:44:53 AM
It shouldn't be a matter of willingness to upgrade for yourself, it should be a desire not to use a version that is outdated in security measures that put your players at risk.

I cannot answer your questions, as I am not familiar with 1.1.0. Maybe you could try on your own test server?

Why does one always have to have the latest greratest of everything?  People just find ways to get around any new security anyway, it is an endless game.  You act as if people do not have their own security on their own computers.

I'm not willing to risk an upgrade that would break modules I put a lot of work into coding.  There are sites and people running lots older versions than I do...there's even one running 0.97!!

If there was no risk to breaking my modules...that might be one thing...but, even then, there are, quite frankly, features in versions beyond 1.1.0 that I do not like.  I do not like multiple monsters in a fight for example.  I like one player one monster.  Call me something of a Luddite.
243  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Wrongful Wraiths v1.2.6 (Modified) on: June 26, 2017, 04:13:51 PM
I shall try playing with this late at night when nobody is playing.

Meanwhile, I am on 1.1.0 because I am unwilling to upgrade higher.  I have many unique modukes on my site which may not work with later versons of code, not willing to try it and lose what I worked so hard on.  As long as 1.1.0 works....I have never quite understood the craze some people seem to have to have the latest greatest everythng...no early adopter am I....never have been.
244  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Custom Colors : File Submission/Discussion on: June 26, 2017, 04:11:42 PM
I know it's outdated, but it's what i run and love and I have many unique modules that might not work with later versions of code, hence my unwillingness to upgrade.

Just would like, if possible, to add a few more colors.

Wondering if it is even possible, to flat out install the lib/output/ph file from 1.1.2, for example...into the file structure that currenty exists on 1.1.0 and get the extra colors.

If you look at the code for the two the way colors are defined in 1.1.0 versus 1.1.2 is very different.  Not sure if it mmatters.  Just wanted to know if someone knew if this could be done...maybe culd try it on a test server for me.
245  Village Square / General Discussion Area / Abigail - Core Module on: June 26, 2017, 04:08:46 PM
This module here http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=100
has no discussion thread.

i have noted, much to my annoyance, that what was being attempted here does not work.  I'm not sure how to make it work, because it looks right to me I am just not seeing it.

 should note this is a core module I have not in any way maodified and I am running 1.1.0

The problem?  After you have ALREADY BOUGHT A GIFT THAT DAY...the rotten wench shows u and tries to make you buy another one...several times in a day...according to the commented out lines in the core module this was not supposed to happen.

Could someone look at this and tell me how to fix it...and then maybe even fix it in the moduke that is available here?

Allprefs drive me crazy.  I just want it set so that once someone has bought a gift that day, the wench goes away and stays away till the next new day.
246  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Custom Colors : File Submission/Discussion on: June 26, 2017, 09:23:36 AM
Because I was unable to find any other thread dealing with adding colors.  Because your module does not seem to work with 1.1.0 - I was hoping to either encourage you to work it back...or lacking that, someone could tell me a way to just add the colors manualy directly into the core code myself.

There must be a way.
247  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Wrongful Wraiths v1.2.6 (Modified) on: June 25, 2017, 05:14:00 PM
Nice.  I am grabbing that.

Do I need to re-do ALL the files or only the min one or what?  You use some color codes that do not exist in 1.1.0 so I need to change them.

By the way, I am down with the extra underwears...great idea.  Could be fun and a lot less suitable for under 18 if we occasionally have Fat Frank or Smiling Sam in some nice panties, LOL.

Can you tell I am into this?? ;-)

I will download tomorrow when I am on my main LOTGD computer.  I will test it but first I will need to save the original in case something gets screwed up, lol.  Looks like I may be your beta tester here.
248  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Wrongful Wraiths v1.2.3 (Modified) on: June 24, 2017, 10:32:08 PM
Wouldn't you remove your bulky armour to spank someone? Cheesy

A simple few lines of code would reset the player's choice, nothing fancy, click a link with a variable in the url and the value gets nulled and the player gets the options again.

So you are suggesting that I fool with your coding a bit...to add an extra nav into the coding, so that players could then change/null their choices with Wraith...so that they would not have to ask me to do it in their prefs (because, of course, I could...and would)

Seems like it ought to be easy enough to do to add a swtch ($op) and set of cases which would either change or null the set prefs...

Is that what you are suggesting for me??  If so, then I could try working with it, and if I get where I want I would be happy to then share my result here.

By the way...as an aside...I used the Item System to create a Spaking Certificate...which allows them to reset their spank turns for the day if they want more spanking.  I assume I could probably also do it that way...create an item in the Item System that resets those prefs, and simply have Wraith sell that item for 1 gold piece or something.  Probaby a few directions I could go here...don't mnd me, thinking outloud here.
249  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Custom Colors : File Submission/Discussion on: June 24, 2017, 10:28:03 PM
OK....I am a bit confused here.

TBH I am actually more comfortable just adding a few colors into the core file.  Is there a way to add some colors into the core file?

I know I would need to modify lib/output.php
How would I do it...and is anything eseneeded?  I am running 1.1.0 by the way.

When I do core edits, I always surround my edits with ////// both above and below the end of the edits.  I alsocomment out the originalcoding in the core files.

Before I do all that, I download the working core file as a backup.

This way, I always have a way to get back if I do something that fouls things up.

I'd just like to add a few more colors, and, rather than doing a module which ALSO requires core code edit...why not just do the core code edit in the first place and define the colors I want?

I had a look, for exxample, at the coding for lib/output.php for 1.1.0 versus 1.1.1 and they are done completely differently.

Is it simply possible to take the 1.1.1 file and run it in 1.1.0?  I do not really want to upgrade beyond 1.1.0 - I just like the version.  i started out way back on 1.0.6 and upgraded to 1.1.0

Literally...could you simply replace the /lib/output.php in the 1.1.0 setup...replace that one file with the one in 1.1.1 - and presto, get all the extra colors that 1.1.1 offers, without all the stuff in 1.1.1 that I do not want?
250  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Item system on: June 23, 2017, 11:32:54 PM
Question, if anyone knows...how does one, as an Admin...give items to players?  I can Edit them, Delete then and Take them (for myself) but I can't GIVE them.  Is there a way I am not aware of without messing around in MySQL??

The reason I ask is because there is an Item in my Item System called "Fix Items" which wukd be useful to give to a player to fix things...just have it execute the right thing, and bingo.  But no idea how to get it into the players hands...short of putting it up for sae in my alt-currency shop (unique module) at a zero proce, and coordinating with that player to make them get it and then remove it from the store right away.

By the way...with regards the starge error I was getting, I figured tht out, too.  I have a module called creaturedrop.php...not sure if that is part of the otiginalItem System or it is an add-on, and I do not know if it is unique to my site...I am suspecting it could bem because of the author of tht moduke...this person and I collaborated heavily years ago on several unique things.

Anyway...the problem was...once I set my creatures in the Forest to actually drop items, which I had not done before, I would every so often get this error.  Turned out that it was a call to undefined function...the function add_item_by_id was not defined, because thhe author of the module forgot to put a require-once for the itemhandler.php module!
251  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Wrongful Wraiths v1.2.3 (Modified) on: June 19, 2017, 03:22:45 PM
Thank you, actually.  I have had players ask about same-sex spnking, now it can be done!  I did notice one odd thing...minor...but one of the guys that you can pick...the text has it such that, like you remove your armor as if you are gonna get spanked and instead you end up administering the spanking.  Minor, werd and when I encounter it again, i will make note of it, fix it in my own version and report back here.

Like I said the only other improvement I can see here is the ability for players to change their minds themselves...about what they like.  That way they do not have t go to Admin to change their prefs and thus are more likely to be happy with their eperience....we try very hard to make our site as judgment-free as possible.
252  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Wrongful Wraiths v1.2.3 (Modified) on: June 16, 2017, 06:43:45 AM
Wondering on the file structure here...

Obviously, wraiths.pho goes in /modules/wraths.php

now in /modules, there should be a folder called wraiths. (/modules/wraiths) right??

in THAT folder, is there this one called run...so that it looks like this??
and then all those case.php files into THAT folder?

It looks like this is right, just not 100 percent sure.

Going to try this, but first I am saving my original so I can get back.

I have had people actually request same-sex spanking.  Good thing I looked here and found this before i started monkeying around on my own.

UPDATE:  Yes, I got the file structure right, and it is great.  I am SO GLAD I am able to deliver to all players whatever it is they actually want...to be more incusive, and without judgement.

I rated this four stars only because Fat Frank and Handsome Hank...used color codes not suitable with my server and I had to go in and change them in the hard code for wraiths.php

But it works great and I love it.  The only other thing I might have done would be to make it possible for them to change their minds later on about which they wanted.  As it is now, they would need to Patition Admin to change their prefs in Wraith's.

I am as judgement-free as they come...my own signin here should give yu a clue...but, some players may not be comfortable etitioning such a choice to Admin....and allowing players themselves to re-set these prefs...would add to the "judgement-free zone" I would like to create.

Those two changes would make this go to a rating of five stars...no, six stars!!
253  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Item system on: June 16, 2017, 12:13:40 AM
OMG, you awesome!!!!!!! You saved me! It works! Really works! It runs smoothly now. Thank you! *big hug Afk*

Edit: Oh, the "Stck" is not only in basicitemshop.php, it appears in lib/itemhandler.php too. This is for someone has the same problem to me. Say thank to Afk! *jump jump*

Edit again: ... now i want to ask about something else. Somehow, when i create an item and set it "equippable" then it won't appear in the "inventory". Set it "unequippable" and it appears again. T__T Is that useless to make equipment with this?

I have equippable items.  The thing is, they equip immediately, and then you no longer have the item in inventory, because you used it... i.e. you equipped it.  That is why it does not show up in inventory.  You can't save it to equip later.  Have made several weapons and armor using item System.  I know you could make weapons/armor in the weapon and armor shop, but I wanted these weapons to be bought only through my alternate currency.
254  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Item system on: June 15, 2017, 08:59:18 PM
OK, I got something weird...

I have been using Item System forever with very few problems, it has greatly enhanced my game by the way, so thank you to Christian Rutch!!

That said...every once in a blue moon, I get an error message after fighting a creature in the forest and it comes from the itemhandler.php - I did not think to capture it when it happened.  Next time - if there is one, I will.

I am suspecting the error comes about when a creature you just beat tries to drop an item that can't be dropped.

Whether this is becaause the item does not even exist...or if it is because the item is either unique to the player and they already hve one...r is unique to server (I don't have any items like that) - I am not really sure.

UPDATE:  I think I solved my problem.  I went back thru my creature editor and started reviewing every creature drop.  And I found one that hhad got set wrong.  You actully can set the drop to one of the category names and not an actual item.

And THAT was probably causing the problem, as that would cause it to try to drop a null item.

Will post back if this does not solve the problem...
255  Coding Support / Coding Support Desk / How Do I Grab A Player Name Without ANY Title Info?? on: June 08, 2017, 06:28:32 AM
UPDATE: NEVER MIND...figured this one out by myself...see the answer below in case anyone else has this question!!

Is there a way?

If you cal for $session['user']['name'] - you get back a name with titke prepended (if they have a custome tite you get the name and custom title of course...

Now, I know you can call for $session['user']['login'] - but what cmes back then, is a name only - with no color codes if the player has set any.  And if they ever changed their name, it does not change the login  What I am trying to find is...where in the database is ONLY the name (with color codes) stored, and how does one call for that?

I am coding a module where I am allowing my players to have various people in the to be named after the...but I want to pull ONLY the name, with color codes, and with NO titke info whatsoever.

Is there a way to do this...and if so, how?

Not the end of the world if it can't be done, it just looks a little strange if a player encounters their own self...I wanted to come up with a way where, for those players, the name would come uo something else, so that they do not appear to e talking to themselves.

As I mentioned, I coud cal for login...but that is not relliable as one can change name without changing login...and as login contains no color-code info.


require_once("lib/names.php"); (put this in your run function at the top)

NOW, when you want to get the players BASENAME ( this is their name, with color codes and without any title info)

$plyrname = get_player_basename();

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