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106  Game Administration, Installation and Configuration / The Idea Place / Re: questions about existing modules +suggestions on: December 14, 2017, 04:52:41 PM
tgTarheel you are the first one that is reacting to my suggestions concerning tips, proposals for coding etc. Thanks for this. We will see what we can do together. Best, WW

Happy to help, will enjoy the collaboration.

Since the Save Fairy suggestion WAS my idea originally anyway... (Kalisiin is my older name here, now I code as TGTarheel...back then I was not "out" but now I am)
107  Game Administration, Installation and Configuration / The Idea Place / Re: questions about existing modules +suggestions on: December 14, 2017, 08:19:28 AM
Oh thanks for this info. Best, WW

Well, still working on the Fairy one.  Seeing as it was originally my suggestion...caused me to jump in and offer help.

After that, I may help with others.  Have to see.

A lot of the original programmers are no longer active in the LOTGD universe, having moved on to other things.

Agree with what phu said about knowing your strengths.  I happen to be an okay coder, not great, and very sloppy, but I can usually get something to do what I wanted.

Most actual coders would look at my work, laugh, and get it to do the same thing in half the code lines, but oh well.
108  Coding Support / Coding Support Desk / Re: Witches Garden/Potion Brewing for Magical Arena on: December 14, 2017, 08:14:39 AM
I'm afraid I can't follow; don't know the village you are talking about, nor can find out where to look; I already saw the modules list, but as far as I can remember, the battle arena isn't on the core modules list, Huh What the hell is Brazoria? Knockturn Alley is an alley near Diagon Alley the most important of the 2 shopping area's in London for wizards; Knockturn is devoted to the dark arts, cfr. the hp-lexicon for more info www.hp-lexicon.org But I have the feeling we are talking besides each other, I'm afraid. Sorry. Best, WW

Brazoia is on MY SERVER.  Kalisiin.com
I am suggesting you create a character on MY site.  Then check out the town I told you and the Battle Arena there.
Then tell me if you have something similar at Hogwarts LIve.

109  Game Administration, Installation and Configuration / The Idea Place / Re: questions about existing modules +suggestions on: December 13, 2017, 09:45:41 AM
thanks, although I don't understand it all. I suppose that this all depends on what the coder of the game changed on the basically delivered code for fitting it in it's game. Thanks, WW

If you are interested in learning some code...the best way is to find something that works and then reverse-engineer it to do what you want it to do.

Figure out the mechanics.  This is how I taught myself.

I am a very sloppy coder, and not all that good, compared to others here, but I have managed a few things!
110  Coding Support / Coding Support Desk / Re: Witches Garden/Potion Brewing for Magical Arena on: December 13, 2017, 09:43:41 AM
That surely would interest me if this module also were on Hogwartslive. The only arena I see on Hogwartslive however, besides the pvp battle arena, is the Battle arena in Knockturn Alley where I can fight bad wizards =death eaters; I can fight the deatheater with level 6 without any problem, but at level 7 I am killed most of the time. Exchanging things aren't necessary within this scenario; but if there were a potion brewing module on hl, I surely would be interested in a possibility to exchange ingredients. The difficulty is, I can't find out which modules are used on hogwartslive, nor how they are modified, and I also don't know if the current staff on hl is following this forum and using the most recent versions of all modules they use. Best, WW

Come to my ite and look around.
The module in question is called Battle Arena, and, in my server, it is in the town of Brazoria.

Tell me if that looks similar to anything at Hogwarts Live.  Then you will know!!
The Battle Arena is one of those publicly-released modules which may be found on many sites...though the theme might have changed on Hogwarts Live to fit in the theme of Hogwarts, but the mechanics should be similar.
111  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Re: Save Fairy - forest event on: December 13, 2017, 09:40:57 AM
I agree with previous poster: "Just a suggestion here...how about giving the player a choice whether or not to save...with the choice affecting alignment...and some amusing sayings as a result of the choices...and a possible battle with a really nasty Spider who doesn't appreciate you coming by and depriving it of it's food?"
I also had written a scenario for similar actions, but I didn't include the fight with the spider. Good suggestion, though. I didn't code the thing, I simply wrote a draft scenario. If you are interested in coding this suggestions, I can send you what I have and include the spider's fight too, eventually. Best, WW

That sounds like a good idea.

I would enjoy developing this.
112  Game Administration, Installation and Configuration / The Idea Place / Re: new scenario: multiple opponents =band of villains on: December 12, 2017, 08:26:19 PM
Hi I wrote a scenario based on the challenge of Robin Hood and his band of merry men. But in my scenario you can chose between 3 options: 1 fight the villains and free the prisosners; 2 try to run away and hide and 3 (if you want to be really bad): join the gang. In the current challenge of Robin Hood you have to give them your gold if you want to keep good alignment, and the challenge is not presented when the player has no money to give. I originally wrote my draft for Hogwartslive and my gang is called Fenrir Greyback and his gang of snatchers; but you could also use Vargo Hoat and his Bloody mummers or another gang of villains who take prisoners to their headquarters or another place for a reward. If someone is interested to code it, please, react and we discuss it further. Again, I don't want to offend someone nor violate someone's copyrights. Best, WW

No copyroghts here, everything here is under a Creative Commons license.
The protocol is that, if you modify a module, you still credit the original author...if you base a totally new module on someone's previous work, you credit, based on XXX Module by XXX.

I am almost thinking you would want to code a new module, using eleents of the existing...what you suggest seems a little difficult within the current parameters of the module.
113  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / v0.9.7 Modification Discussions / Re: Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men on: December 12, 2017, 08:23:11 PM
I sent you a private message to discuss this, becaus I don't know the procedures. I can post what I have in the forum, but is that the procedure to deliver a scenario? I think not? Best, WW

Send me your scenario, I might be willing to work with it for you.
114  Game Administration, Installation and Configuration / The Idea Place / Re: questions about existing modules +suggestions on: December 12, 2017, 08:22:15 PM
It's a copdong thing, depends on who authored the module.  You do not get experience when you beat Lonestrider, either.

I alter a lot of files after I download them for my site, to fix small things like this...for example, if you both kill each other, mine sets you to 1HP and lets you live...you CAN still get killed, but you gotta get killed outright...not have the win message come up and then end up dead.

It would be up to the individual site admins if they felt like messing with the coding or not.

You could come to Kalisiin.com and check us out if you like, for an example of how code modification works as I undertook rather extensive code modification in search of game balance...some things were made harder...others, easier.
115  Coding Support / Coding Support Desk / Re: Witches Garden/Potion Brewing for Magical Arena on: December 12, 2017, 08:17:40 PM
I am not sure if this module is also used in Hogwartslive, sorry, this is the only game I know because I play it. But a brewing potions module over there would interest me for sure. Helping other players with ingredients would be something I would like to do, especially my co-house-members =clan members. Or do you mean with exchanging ingredients within the system: e.g. 2 ??nettles for 1 mushroom for saying something? Best, WW

Exchanging ingredient.  Two of this for one of this...2 of that for 5 of this, etc.
116  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Mini Bosses by DaveS V5.03 on: December 09, 2017, 11:19:32 PM
If you check the arguments to that function, you can set it up to use a file instead of printing to the screen. That way no matter how the server is set up you don't have to worry about players seeing your logging... although this is something you should just be using locally or on a staging server while you're working on things that could potentially break the site or need to be reverted.

Thanks, I will check it.
117  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Mini Bosses by DaveS V5.03 on: December 09, 2017, 02:54:16 PM
While I haven't run a game in over a decade and I don't know the code well, I think the best way to go about this on your own is with logging. PHP normally just spits your output into the page, which is reasonable since it's just supposed to be a templating language, but you can use logging to write to a file.

error_log() is a function you can use to figure out exactly what's happening and in what order. If you put error_log calls into your code in the code you think is important, you can determine when and if it's being executed.

The way I do this in Python is to use logging calls, run the site locally, and watch the log while I use the site. You can do the same thing with the LotGD code.

wouldn't that cause my players to see it too?

I have never used it before.  I always just output the value of a variable (which the players could see too, but they had no idea what it meant...usually this was only done on modules I was working on and thus had blocked the navs to so that only I could normally see it anyway.

What I am thinking...is  way to re-write the entire code...so that, at dragon kill...a new text variable gets placed in a new variable called "whatmonster" and then the rest of the code only calling for that variable.  I think it would work.  But not sure.

Just not sure how to put it into one variable, since the original code has two variables, the color and then the type...

So that you would get Fire Titan, or Ocean Werewolf, for example.
118  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Mini Bosses by DaveS V5.03 on: December 07, 2017, 08:48:10 PM
I am curious about something here.

I tried to get this thing to throw me a random monster, after reaching over 110 DK...because it ges awful boring always going after watever color Flying Drake.
But everything I have tried has failed.

I either get the color with no monster nae at all...or I get the monster name changing throughout the fight!

I would like it to SET the name of the monster, once you are past fighting them all in order...but each time, set a different mnster...but stay the same monster throughout aa fight.

For example, at 201 DK I might get the Fire Titan, and then on kill 202 the Orange Werewolf...and so on.

But once it sets for a DK...it needs to stay that same name for that DK.

Tried adding a pref into this and a randomizer.

Te randomizer caused it to constantly change the name of the monster thru the battle...and the pref caused it to pick up no monster name at all.

Just rally weird.

There is something easy I am missing, I am sure...but I am not sure what it is or how you go about it.

I am thinking there HAS to be a way...to set a pref with the color and monster name, as text....ONE TIME in the code...and then gave it call for that pref throughout the rest of the program...

And then, on hook for dragonkill...clear the pref!

But I am danged if I can really see how to get there.

I just want to add a little variety for higher level players.
119  Coding Support / Coding Support Desk / Re: Pets In The Gardens on: November 27, 2017, 10:48:41 PM
Can it search for other code strings?

Not sure what you mean. It can search just about any string you want.

ack "String you want to search goes here"

Specifying the programming language and the directory to search are both optional (there are other options as well, including ignoring certain directories by name).

That code line...basically just answered my question, thanks.
120  Coding Support / Coding Support Desk / Re: How Do I Remove Color-Coding Notations From Page Headers? on: November 27, 2017, 10:46:27 PM
Thanks.  Would have been nice to know about this before all my mucking around, LOL...sounds to me like this has to be maintained "as you go"

Yeah, version control is very much about recording changes over time. While your code and code comments should always be up to date, regardless of what came before, version control comments should document the changes made since the previous commit. That way you can look back at your commit history and see changes that might be entirely gone in your current code.

If you really want to start, you could:

  • Download a clean copy of the LotGD version you started with
  • Start a git repository in the clean copy's directory
  • Add all of the code and create the first commit from the clean code
  • Copy the contents of your current code into the clean directory, overwriting all files (don't overwrite the clean directory itself, just the contents, otherwise the git information will be deleted)

At this point, the outstanding changes in git should represent the changes you have made. If you want, you can try to add files in groups and make commits that approximate your changes. Otherwise you can just add all of your changes, make that a single "first update" commit, and make commits for individual changes going forward.

It's a bit of effort, and it depends on you getting the exact version of the game you started with, but if you want to start using version control it's one option.

I can try this.
One thing I DID do...while making changes...was to normally save a backup copy of the original code file in the actualy directory...so most of my changes should be able to be identified...as to WHAT FILES I changed...but not necessarily what changes were made...that I would have to go in and look at code...or does this do that for you?

For example...one file I radically changed was pageparts.php

I have a helluva stats bar on the right side on my screen.

But, in my file directory, I have papeparts.php and pageparts.php.orig
The second file being the clean copy that got uploaded in the first place.

I am not certain I did this from jump street with my game, but pretty sure I started doing this early on when I started messing with core code...so that if I screwed up somehow, I could always get back to the original.
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