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  • July 26, 2017, 03:52:29 AM
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1  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Abigail The Street Hawker Compatible With Same-Gender Marriages on: July 22, 2017, 06:32:48 AM
OK...so the file I submitted previously on this one had a serious problem I have now addressed.  This file has been thoroughly tested on my 1.1.10 server, and I see no reason why it would not work on any 1.x.x server.

This came about because I noticed that Abigail offered gifts for the wrong gender when one was in a same-sex marriage (the original module based the gift offering on the player's gender...offering gits appropriate nly for the player's opposite gender.)  In other words, female players were offered male gifts (even if they were married to another female) and male players offered female gifts even if they were married t another man.

This new file still assumes opposite-gender for unmarried players (if you want to be in a same-sex marriage, get a partner!!) but for married players, it now fetches the gender of the player's SPOUSE to determine which set of gifts to offer. Thus opposite-gender couples will see no difference in this modue versus the old moduke.  But same-gender couples will now be offered gifts appropriate to the gender of their partner.

I had the original submission taken down because it caused a problem with Lonny's "Who's Here" module.  I have not been abe to resolve this on my own site, short of removing the module.  It called for something in the database that caused a null location to be put into the player's return nav location.  This sent the Who's Here modue nuts.

Even after i manually put a proper location into the database manually...I still had problems.  I am nt sure why.  But this is why I had the original file taken down...so that it would not haen to anyone else.

I am not sure how I can re-deploy "Who's Here" on my own server at this time...any help would be appreciated.

But this new module should not cause any troube with that, because the offending data fetch has been removed.

Anyway, for those who offer same-gender marriage and for whom this is as important an issue as it is for me (I am very sensitive to gender issues...for reasons which may be obvious to some here) this module allows for what I was looking for.

All credit has been given to the original author, I only added in the credits my tweak to allow for same-gender couples.

Thus, if your site des not allow same-gender mariages, this file is not needed for you, and I recommend staying with the original.  This is for those sites that allow same-gender coupling.
2  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Re: File Discussion - the patrol on: July 17, 2017, 10:23:17 PM
Yes, but it shouldn't matter if it only appears in one city or them all, the new name needs to be saved when it's changed. Smiley
I guess.  I do not really know since I do not know what the original coder's thought was on what they were trying to accomplish.  I am really, at best, an intermediate-level coder who knows just enough to be truly dangerous.

Which is also why I am not about to try to undertake a serious core code alteration such as was discussed on a different thread.  I come up with very twisted and demented solutions to problems but I can REALLY cause problems in the process.

LOL...the last code code update I did...in pageparts...caused everyone in The Shades to see who was online (like you see on the login screen_ instead of thier stats...and I do not know how the heck I did it!!

Fortunately, I had backed everything uop and went back to the beginning and re-did what I was trying to do and it worked.  So I have no idea where I went wrong, but everything works like I wanted no on that front...so I try prtty hard not to fool too much with core code anymore.

Although I am twisted enough to have figured out how to put Stables and a bank in the Shades (and Valhalla) and also how to have mounts available ONLY there!!

So far as I know, my site is the only one that does this.  You have mounts you can ONLY get when dead and then bring them back to the world of the living with you.

SO...like I said, I am intermediate at best, I oull off some cool stuff once in a while, but I am very dangerous too.
3  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Re: Abigail The Street Hawker Is Narrow-Minded - I Fixed This... on: July 17, 2017, 10:17:35 PM
True, dat, Mark.

I am not about to undertake that momentuous a core code editing.  If I can accommodate GLB and T...I'm pretty good there for now.  I'll let better minds than mine deal with the other stuff.

I seem to have encountered an unanticipated problem on the Abigail module.  I got a player trapped on a error with abigail...the player I sent a gift to...it was coming back with a stack about the syntax for calling from the database not being right.

I temporarily took out the module.  I think I got at the problem, and if I did I will upload a new copy.

The problem now, is...my player is stranded in la-la land...and I am darned if I can get them back...now it hangs on Lonny's Who's Here module, so that gave me an idea where to look...

And in the MySQL database, this players return location, sure enough...is null.

So I edited that in the database for the moment to be news.php and fixed broken navs for the player.  Waiting for them to log back in and try to see if that broke them out.

Only the mandatory system player who is a horrible gelatinous blob...has a null location.  I don't think Lonny Luberts ever anticpated my particulr problem, and Who's Here was trying to look in a null location...is my guess as to the reason for the new stack my stuck player got.

At least it had the virtue of no other player having that same situation!

So, once I get that player back...IF I get them back...I can re-try the new Abigail module again.  I saw it only from the giver side when I uploaded it here first.

But it caused a problem on the recipient side...and this person uses a screenreader which makes this a ton of fun for me to figure out.

What I figured out...on the giver side...was that there was NO NEED to call the database again to get the player partner's name for the newday hook, since that info was already stored in the player pref I built into the thing to make the rest of it work...so I re=wrote the code in the newday hook to just call the existing pref instead of calling the database again...that should fix the pronlem, and then nobody gets stuck and thrown into limbo...at least that is the hope.

4  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Re: Abigail The Street Hawker Is Narrow-Minded - I Fixed This... on: July 17, 2017, 12:16:21 AM
Yes, but how to deal with all those modules that assume a binary gender system?

You'd not believe how much I had to fuss with Abigail to make her work right.

I had to check if married or unmarried.  If unmarried, then we used the player's gender and assumed opposite-gender interest...since there is no way in the original core to specify otherwise.

With married couple's, it checks now for the gender of the player's partner...regarless of what gender the player is...and offers gifts for that gender.  The only reason it checks for a married player's gender is the "Sir/Madam" part of this.

But I got it all working.  Like I said in my submission thread, I had to break out the allprefs and just use traditional prefs...allprefs are just difficult for me to work with.  And, probably, my coding is a bit sloppy, doubtless someone more experienced than me could have done it better, but nobody else did.
5  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Re: File Discussion - the patrol on: July 16, 2017, 02:18:16 PM
Unless I'm missing something, I don't think it's required and that IF statement can be removed.

If the villagename has been changed then the old name needs to be updated. Smiley

It should be calling for the pref for allcities.  Meaning that this module could show in ALL cities...or only ONE city.

I think that is why it is there.  I have the module installed on my system nw and it has never tripped.

I think it is because the line I mentioned is not in there...i will try putting it in and see what happens.

This module, unless I am mistaken...is meant to be confirguarble to show in all cities...or an admin-specified city ONLY.
6  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / File Submission: Abigail The Street Hawker - Fixed for Same-Gender Affirmation on: July 16, 2017, 10:00:07 AM
Ok...so I riped apart the original Abigail...all creit to the original authors and tweakers before me are maintained intact, only the addition of my own name as the coder who did the same-gender tweak.

This has been fully tested out now...it works for unmarried people, (it assumes opposite-gender for unmarried people)

For married people, it works fr same-gender and opposite-gender couples now.  It gets a bit better though:

I ravaged the old allprefs this thing used and did traditional prefs (allprefs drive me batty anyway)  But now one could do additional refs for more than just two genders if they wanted to...the basic framework is there.

I tested this on my own server with runs 1.1.0 - but I see no reason why it would not work with any 1.x.x version.

I fully tested it...
a female same-sex couple is addressed corrctly as Madam, and are offered female gifts for their someone special
a male same-sex couple is properly addressed as Sir, and is offered male gifts for their somoene special.

and it works with opposite-gender cues, too.

a female giving to a male is properly addressed as Madam, and is offered gifts for a man...and
a male giving to a female is properly addressed as Sir, and is offered gifts for a woman.

So it is fully tested.  My codiing is probably a bit soppy, but it works, and fans of allprefs will hate me fr ravaging the prefs on this to make them traditional prefs, but oh, well...Ii got it to do what nobody else has!!

Abigai is no longer narrow-minded, she is now fully affirming of same-gender and opposite-gender couples...and the framework now also exists where third and more genders could be added...i guess you'd want a set of gifts that were gender-neutral, but I will leave that to someone who actually has more than two genders on their server....I am not brave enough to undertake that dee of a core edit!!

Here is the file!

7  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Re: File Discussion - the patrol on: July 15, 2017, 11:19:45 PM

if ($allowall == 1){
if ($args['setting'] == "villagename") {
if ($args['old'] == get_module_setting("wapatloc")) {

Where does $allowall come from?

That's a good question.  I missed this, too.
Looking over the coding, I think we need to add a line

Between these two lines (in my file they are line 56 and 57)
case "changesetting":
if ($allowall == 1){

We need to add this:

$allowall = get_module_setting("allcities");

Great catch, Mark!

8  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Re: Abigail The Street Hawker Is Narrow-Minded - I Fixed This... on: July 15, 2017, 11:14:43 PM
Yeah there's been many a discussion over the years about how there's only 2 sexes in the game and a gender field should be added etc. Hopefully the next version that's being worked on will have these. Smiley

I am not sure how you handle this, to be honest.  In case you did not figure this out just from my name, in real life, I am trans.  This is why gender issues are very important to me.

Anyway...I fixed Abigail now, it was NOT working my first attemppt.  I created a dummy female character, and it offered female gifts to her for Seth...not good.  Unless there is something we do not know about Seth!!

But I fixed that, and now the same-gender female couple is getting offered female gifts for each other, and my dummmy female character is being offered male gifts for Seth.  Next, i need to use Dr. Paprika, to make this character male...and see if it offers female gifts to Violet.

Then I need a same-sex male couple to test this on...and an opposite-sex couple too.  But I think I have it right now...but still just for the two genders Male and Female.

I think you would almost have to limit Abigail to not offer anything to anyone not married, and not of the two main genders...or anyone married to someone not of the two main genders.  Or get a third set of gender-neutral gifts.

But how do we handle gender when there are so many choices out there...and you would want to accommodate all of them?  I am an old trans, when I came out there was only the binary, you were one or the other, that's it...and those of us who were trans...were just closer to the pole on the spectrum of gender opposite one would expect given the birth anatomy.

Now, there are bi-gender, dual-gender, two-spirit, non,-gender, gender non conforming, genderqueer, Neutrois...just to name a few!!  I will be honest, it is even a learning experience for ME...because there was no place - when I came out...for anything outside the binary.

Then the issue also comes up concerning gender pronouns.  Some prefer She/her (like me) others He/him, or They/theirs...or even Ze/Zir...and other forms of gender pronouns I have seen as well.

Not quite sure how you actually handle all of this and still be open, welcoming and affirming of all genders...

Orientation is a little easier; allowing same-gender flirts/marriage can handle most of that, because it could accommmodate G L and B.

Of course, there could be more out there that I am not too hip to...because of course, being T...I am not as aware of the sexual orientation spectrum as I am of the gender spectrum.

BUT...I digress incredibly on this...and I think i got Abigail to do what was wanted now...and if anyone wants me to...I could submit a file on Abigail, where it accommodates same-gender marriages.  I will only do this after i have fully tested it out, though.

I would like to know if there is any interest in this.....because I think I fixed Abigail's little red wagon on this one now.
9  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: inventory super viewer on: July 15, 2017, 09:28:38 AM
I have now tested this on 1.1.0.  It does work.
10  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Re: File Discussion - the patrol on: July 15, 2017, 07:55:56 AM
Hey, this looks like fun, i am grabbing this....there are NOT enough Village Events.  I myself coded a Village Event...maybe I should share it, I dunno.  It does require the Alignment System...
11  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Abigail The Street Hawker Is Narrow-Minded - I Fixed This... on: July 15, 2017, 06:11:59 AM
OK, so I noticed that Abigail always assumes people are in opposite-gender marriages.  I know, narrow minded...right??

I am working very hard to make my realm an open, welcoming place to all orientations and gender identities.  (I do not know if there is any real way to accommodate gender non-conforming people, unfortunately)

Anyway...I noticed...a same-gender couple (female) was being offered gifts for their spouse apprpriate for men.  Because Abigai was narrow-mindedly assuming that a woman MUST be married to a man, right?

So I fixed her little red wagon.

Now...the module I fixed up...checks for the gender of one's PARTNER.

This is still in testing at the moment, I am having a few players test this out.

I know now that my happy same-sex cuple is getting appropriate gift choices.

If this worked as I think, then opposite-gender couples should notice no difference...and unmarried ones should not, either...as this still DOES assume opposite-gender for the System Partner...for unmarried players.

If it does work out as I think, I will be happy to attach my copy here for anyone else who would like to make thier site more open and welcoming to same-gender couples and to transgender people who use Dr. Paprika (which is how I discovered this problem, by the way...an opposite-gender couple just became a same-gender couple!)

Of course, any file I attach will be properly credited noting only my tweak to accommodate same-gender couples.
12  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Dr Paprika MD on: July 15, 2017, 05:58:50 AM
Hey i noticed a couple of modules that got affected in an unintended way by Dr. Paprika, but I worked out a fix for the biggest one...Abigail.

See, Abigail was rudely assuming everyone is in an opposite-gender marriage (I know, narrow-minded, right??)

I altered Abigail to offer gifts appropriate to your PARTNER'S gender...rather than checking YOUR gender and assuming opposite-sex.

This came up because a same-gender (female) couple kept getting offered the men gifts.  I worked up a fix, and now, opposite-sex couples see no difference...neither do those who are unmarried and get the System Partner (which is, unfortunately, still assumed to be opposite-gender) - BUT...same-gender couples are now offered gifts appropriate to their PARTNER'S gender!
13  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Modules for version 1.x.x / Re: Dr Paprika MD on: July 14, 2017, 08:17:28 PM
OK...so i have, in case anyone has not yet figured this out...special huge reasons to love Dr. Paprika!!

OK, So I was gonna change his name to Dr. Porsinsirirak (the doctor I used in real life in case nobody figured out why i love Dr. Paprika so much yet) - yes, it has been fifteen years and I STILL remember the dear doctor who fixed me.

ANYWAY...I digress...

I did a little couple teweks to this module...more for my entertainment than anything else.  First, you must understand that I live in North Carolina.  In case nobody knew, NC is the state that passed that stupid anti-transgender bathroom bill last year.

SO...I used the Item System and added a tweak to where Dr. Paprika gives you a new Birth Certificate after you have the suregry.

I have one in pink and one in blue...and it checks to see if you have one, and takes the old one away f you have it...and gives you the new one for the new sex (I do not say new gender, because we were ALWAYS the gender we were...just a semantics thing, but we trans are pretty into semantics...)

SO...I did that...and I also have the Amazon and Barbarian races installed, those are sex-specific...so if you ARE a female Amazon, you become a Male Barbarian...and vice versa.  The other races are not affeted by this....and it is hard-coded.  So if you have other sex-specific races you could hard-code them where I did.

The Birth Certificate itself is actually just a novelty item, it doesn't actually DO anything...and when you use the item, you keep it (I coded it that way in the Item Editor)

BUT...when you do actuvate the Birth Certificate item, words come up in pink or blue, as apprpriate..."You whip out your birth certificate "proving" your gender to the moron who was harassing you over which bathroom you were in."

Again...you have to be a trans, and you have to be in North Carolina or some other similar place where they hate on the tranns...to truly appreciate this.

LOL, I even have a reature in my forest now called "Pat McCrory"
14  Coding Support / Coding Support Desk / Re: Anyone want to help with my Luck system? on: July 13, 2017, 09:28:30 PM
Hummm...I did something similar, but as core and module alterations.

I used Item System to create an Item called Felix Felicitas 9after harry Potter fame) and it gives you a day of better luck.

Perhaps you might wish to M me to see the actual script the Item uses, and it may assist you in this.  PM me if you want this.

I have Felix Felicitas checked for in several modukes, and your chances of a better outcome are improved if you have it.

You might be able to use my script for my Item in a similar way.
15  Modules, Themes and other customizations for your game / Completed Forest, Village and Travel Events for Version 1.x.x / Re: New Module - Miyagi's Topiary on: July 12, 2017, 09:54:47 PM
OK, then.  Guess I know for any future submissions.  If I have any.  My game is getting rather full.  I have a few ideas for stuff, but we will see.

One thing I am thinking on...is a Gem Mine, sorta like the Metal Mine...but you do not keep the Gems...they go to re-stock Vessa'a store.  But you keep anything else you find in there.  You could find gold...or Items, as I use the Item System.  You do, of course, find Gems...you just don't keep them, they go to Vessa's store for purchase by players.
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