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Title: Catastrophes by ThricebornPhoenix
Post by: ThricebornPhoenix on July 05, 2007, 12:25:05 AM
Forest, Travel, City, etc. Events
Doom and Gloom
A Ramius-oriented forest event. My first module, not very good. Version 1.5 currently available here (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=6064.msg85660#msg85660) (attachment).
Download (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1158) | Discuss (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=6063.0)

The Money Tree
A simple forest event in which low-level players have a better chance of getting gold than high-level ones.
Download (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1181) | Discuss (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=6202.0)

The Mysterious Fighter
Based on Brian Clevinger's 8-bit Theatre. In this forest event you meet a mysterious 'fighter' (you'll never guess who!) who has become seperated from his friends. Will you help him look for them?
Download (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1246) | Discuss (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=6743.0)

The Troll Booth
A travel event in which Trollish players may temporarily take over a 'troll booth' and exact fees from travellers. Non-trolls may pay the fine or try to sneak by.
Download (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1305) | Discuss (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=7467)

Swamp Ogre
As the player ages, the Swamp Ogre's racial buff increases in power, granting more maxhitpoints, attack, and defense. Benefits max by age 30 (days).
Has an alignment requirement if the alignment module is active, minimum and maximum allowable alignment admin-settable. Race may be reset if you are out of alignment too long!
Download (http://www.freewebs.com/brokenpremise/raceswampogre.zip) | Discuss (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=6244.0)

Retsac the Dispeller
Need an ailment removed? Retsac can do it, as his misspelled signs attest! Strip any buff, for a price. Retsac will even assess the power of each buff for you!
Download (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1300) | Discuss (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=7400.msg66687#new)

Player Buff Manager
Modify active player buffs, for testing or 'other' purposes.
Download (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1371) | Discuss (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=8619.0)

Event State Switcher
Alternates events between active and inactive states at specified intervals.
Download (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=12715) | Discuss (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=12714)

A.I. Scripts

Bat: Tries three times to steal a turn, roughly 10% chance each attempt.

Bladebiter: Has an ever-increasing chance of breaking the player's weapon.

'experience drainer': Drains experience every round for 15 rounds. Experience drain increases each round.

I have written some modules currently deemed unworthy of public release, though they are essentially functional. While I am not required to release them, I may upon request; however, further development/completion of these modules has been placed on hold indefinitely.

Race - Dryad: Optional alignment requirement, once-a-day access to a pseudo-grassyfield, slight experience loss reduction from death in forest battles.

Specialty - Prophet: Settable minimum alignment requirement, alignment-based skills.

Village - Village Temple: Pay to pray for alignment gain/loss.

Administrative - Stat Recorder: Tracks purchases of equipment (by strength) and uses of specialty skills (by name).

Administrative - Restrictor: Restricts purchase of equipment to n levels (settable) above/below player's level.

Template - Phoenix: highly compact (visually and code-wise) theme using 'fiery' colors.

Administrative - Player Difficulty Settings: Provides difficulty settings for players wanting more challenge.

Title: Re: Catastrophes by ThricebornPhoenix
Post by: Boofo on July 05, 2007, 01:44:19 AM
On the Swamp Ogre download I keep getting redirected back to this post.

Title: Re: Catastrophes by ThricebornPhoenix
Post by: ThricebornPhoenix on July 05, 2007, 01:51:01 AM
That one's external, I think I need to bump the file submission topic <_< If it hasn't actually downloaded: right click -> copy link location -> paste in addressbar -> hit enter :) Or wait until it's been added here.

Title: Re: Catastrophes by ThricebornPhoenix
Post by: Boofo on July 05, 2007, 01:53:27 AM
I did the right-click and got it that way. Thanks! ;)

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