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Title: [A.I. Script] Horrifying slime
Post by: XChrisX on July 04, 2007, 06:19:24 AM
In order to give good reason for a seperate A.I. forum, I'll start to release some of the A.I. scripts we are using on our server.

Creaturename: `QHorrifying Slime
Creatunreweapon: `@Digesting Acid
Creaturelevel: 14, 15 or 16 (it's a really hard one!)

global $badguy, $unsetme;
$unsetme = false; // In case multiple slimes are attcking, reset the var at the beginning of the script.
if (e_rand(0,2) == 0 && $badguy['creaturehealth'] > 25) {
  $slime = $badguy;
  $slime ['creaturehealth'] = ceil($slime ['creaturehealth']/2)+15;
  // Put here, so one slime stays target in case the original
  // slime was targetted.
  $unsetme = true; // Delete original slime
  output("`@The slimy blob parts!`0<br>",true);

Of course this will only and solely work with v1.1.1 and following versions. :)

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