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Title: Adding Colors?
Post by: mcargent on November 29, 2005, 02:31:48 PM
I found this in a locked thread and I was wondering if this was still possible to do.

Adding color is a 2 part process....the first part is to actually add the color to the style sheets....
Go into newstyle.css AND yarbrough.css...and add the following two lines to the bottom:

.colLtPink  { color: #FFCCFF; }
.colDkPink  { color: #FF80FF; }

After that, you must get the appoencode function to recognize the color....to do this, pick 2 symbols which you would like to use for light and dark pink...

For the purpose of this post I'll use '8' for dark pink and '*' for light pink.....Then go into common.php, line 351...notice the "switch" statement with all of the cases...add the following lines... between the case ')' and the case 'c' code....

case "8":
    if ($nestedtags[font]) $output.="</span>";
    else $nestedtags[font]=true;
    $output.="<span class='colDkPink'>";
case "*":
    if ($nestedtags[font]) $output.="</span>";
    else $nestedtags[font]=true;
    $output.="<span class='colLtPink'>";

Once you do that, you should be able to type `8 or `* in any formatted text and display the text in "pink"...

Apparently from looking in those files, it's not entirely the same process, but I could figure out how to do the first part in the stylesheet pages.  I just can't find the section that links the colors to the characters...

Title: Re:Adding Colors?
Post by: Arune on November 29, 2005, 08:24:16 PM
Well now these changes would be made in a couple other areas...

1. lib/output.php
2. lib/commentary.php
3. whatever.css

These areas being changed will look very close to what was originally posted just the functions are seperated now.

Title: Re:Adding Colors?
Post by: mcargent on December 02, 2005, 06:16:52 AM
I'm guessing there has to be one more place to change, because that didn't do it all...

I added the colors to the keys: 89*(  and the Qq colors don't seem to want to work always either...

//edit - Answering my own question

There's some code in the "sanitize.php" that needs to be slightly altered to allow this as well.  That seems to have done it for me.

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