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Title: DaveS Modules
Post by: DaveS on October 07, 2005, 09:40:41 PM
My relative retirement:
At this point, I want to just let people know that I'm not going to be doing a lot of updating to my modules or debugging.  I have had some new additions to my life that have pushed my time to code and debug WAY down on the list.  I invite any active coders to freely make changes to my modules as they see could help improve them; be sure to give yourself credit to document where you made changes though! Best of luck to all!

More details here (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=9080.0)

Dragon Eggs Expansion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1362.0)
Players will have to find Dragon Eggs and destroy them. This is a huge expansion including 25 locations to search and multiple additional modules to help make your site even more exciting.

This is my largest, newest, and last epic module.  Enjoy!

Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=8474.0)

Allprefs Editor V1.0 by DaveS and Allprefs Functions by Danbi (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1190)
A very useful editor for any of my modules that use the allprefs system. Also includes Danbis functions so coders can call upon allprefs easily.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=6284.0)

About You 1.01 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1185)
Add a link off your homepage to describe your site
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=6256.0)

Add-A-HoF V3.01 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1001)
Is one of your favorite modules missing a Hall of Fame? Add it!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4621.0)

Aging Mounts V5.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1140)
Miscellaneous: Mounts
Make a customizable set of mounts that age each dk.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=5823.0)

Amleine's Music Shop V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=181)
Learn to build, play, or compose!  15 different disciplines; one per dk.  Hopefully lots of replay value... keep your players coming back!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=3036)

Amusement Park by Kala, Tweaks by DaveS V. Mix (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1041)
Enjoy a day at the Amusement Park.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4846.0)

Bio Viewing V3.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=182)
View as Setting or Preference many different details.  May be useful for your Staff to have a quick way to see what players are doing.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=3049)

Black Unicorn by Lonny, Converted by DaveS V3.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1071)
Forest Special
Encounter the Black Unicorn.  Will you defeat it or try to capture it?
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=5286.0)

Bonus Bank Interest V1.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1328)
Administrative/Forest Special
Add a bonus interest for players to gain extra money every day.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=7896.0)

Cartographer Modularized V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1134)
Set up map sales to up to 20 different locations.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=5805.0)

Color World V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1135)
Allow players to change the color of their name and title.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=5806.0)

Core Blocker V1.01 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1357)
Block Core Programs if unused.  FOR EXPERT ADMINS ONLY.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=8387.0)

Core Modification V3.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1018)
List core files that you've modified on the Module Info page.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4737.0)

Core Names V1.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1359)
Change the names of core programs in different cities.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=8398.0)

Core Program Nav Mover V1.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1360)
Move the navs of core programs to different streets.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=8421.0)

Customizable Race-less Cities by Billie Kennedy, modified by DaveS v1.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1302)
Add 3 generic cities with several customizable features.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=7486.0)

Dave's Race/Specialty Modifications V5.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1133)
Customized Races and Specialties that start/stop based on DKs and work in the Lodge and expire after purchase with dks.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=5792.0)

Day Randomizer V5.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1132)
Make the day length on your server random!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=5782.0)

Deck of Many Things V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=184)
Forest Specials
Draw a card from a gypsy and amazing things will happen!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=18;action=display;threadid=3108)

DK Resets: Align/Gems V3.1 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=401)
Adjust alignment and gems after a dragon kill.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=4086.0)

Doppleganger V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=993)
Forest Specials
Reward your players with high dk numbers with a forest special that uses their name and customized phrases.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4481.0)

Foil Wench 2 V1.01 by DaveS, XChrisX; based on Foil Wench (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1218)
Forest Specials
Refresh Specialties by encountering the Foil Wench.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=6552.0)

Fruit Orchard XL V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=979)
Expanding the fruit orchard to 20 trees with many new features.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4336.0)

Fruit Tree Guard 5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=148)
Village - Hooks into the Orchard
lumberyard.php (see below) (at least version 5.0)
orchard.php by Spider, Billie Kennedy (modified by Lonnyl)
Build a fence and/or hire a guard to protect your fruit tree in the orchard from lumberjacks in the lumberyard.  Both forms of protection wear out after a setting number of days and can be repurchased.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=3907.0)

Furniture Store V5.04 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1136)
Add Chairs, Tables, and Beds to your Dwelling!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=5807.0)

Hara's Bakery V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=176)
Village Shop
A simple little pastry shop with a special cake to possibly get a friend out of jail.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=2683)

Hoj's Restaurant V3.1 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=146)
Players can go here to have a more private conversation by inviting others to come to chat at a "table".
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=3404)

Instant Eagle Banking V1.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1166)
Arunes Instant banking with some customization.

Jail Tease V3.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=177)
Forest Special
Encounter someone offering to jail a player but instead reports the deed in the news.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=2684)

Jobs Even More V1.0 by Lonnyl, Even More by DaveS (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1256)
Village Shop
Get a Job at 1 of 10 locations!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=6840)

Jobs Plus V5.2 by Lonnyl, Plus by DaveS (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1137)
Village Shop
Get a Job at 1 of 6 locations including the new Wood Shop!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=5808)

Lose Bank Gold V3.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=660)
Forest Specials
Players lose gold from their bank while wandering through the forest.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=4163.0)

Lost Ruins V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=174)
Search through the lost ruins.  Lots of fun random events!  Can be used to load other modules (for instance, the Quarry can be "found" by exploring the lost ruins).
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=2972)

Lumber Yard V5.21 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=666)
Cut trees for wood or plant them!  Random events occur, along with someone randomly coming and clearcutting the lumberyard!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=2984)

Marriage Expansion based on work of CortalUX and Nightborn V5.21 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1068)
Expanded version of the Marriage Overhaul with additional features
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=5224.0)

Material Store V5.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1210)
Allow your players to purchase small amounts of lumber, stone, and metal.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=6402.0)

Metal Mine V5.21 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1143)
Mine for Iron, Copper, and Mithril. Save the trapped miners!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=5859.0)

Mini Bosses V5.03 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1145)
Add Mini Bosses for your players to fight!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=5891.0)

Ocean Quest V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1180)
Save Pilinoria and establish a trade route.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=6218.0)

Potion Pack by CortalUX, DaveS Modifications (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1153)
Buy potions to do many things.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=6044.0)

Prank Store V5.02 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1220)
Allow players to play pranks on each other.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=5316.0)

Quarry V5.22 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=147)
Quarry for stone!  Random events occur, along with a Stone Giant Siege! (Can stand alone OR hook into Lost Ruins.)
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=2973)

Quiz Game 1 V3.03 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=188)
Encourages new players to explore the realm to win a prize.  Set with questions based purely on core modules.  This is a little different from the basic quiz in the Quiz Loader program.  Tired of the new players constantly asking "where is the dragon?" Send them to solve the quiz!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=3803)

Quiz Game 2 V3.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=978)
Use as a new module or upgrade the quizload module with the new quiz: "Gods and Goddesses".
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4309.0)

Quiz Loader V3.01 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=187)
A versatile program to give players a chance to participate in quizzes. Allows for configurations by Staff to change/update/reset quizzes.  Can use as a base to load other quiz modules. Comes with 2 quizzes ready to go!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=3802)

Ruin World 1: Advanced Weapons Store V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=986)
Forest Special AND/OR Ties into Lost Ruins
You step into a strange fog and find you're transported to an Advanced Weapons Store! There's got to be something here that will help you fight that Dragon.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4365.0)

Ruin World 2: Dinoasaur World V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=992)
Forest Special AND/OR Ties into Lost Ruins
Step into a strange world of dinosaurs with many things to do!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4436.0)

Ruin World 3: The Pyramid V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1053)
Forest Special AND/OR Ties into Lost Ruins
Discover an ancient pyramid to explore.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=5057.0)

Secret Cave V3.21 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=183)
Forest Specials
Multi-visit forest special to retrieve an artifact from a cave, hopefully with lots of replay value.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=18;action=display;threadid=3065)

Secret Order of Masons V5.2 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=179)
Requires quarry.php
Get invited to the Masons Society by a random event in the quarry.  In the society, you can get benefits, give benefits, hang out, and be cool.  Lots of replay as dks unlock many new options.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=2974)

Spelling Bee V3.11 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=178)
Forest Special
Enter a spelling contest or fight a bee!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=2685)

Staff Notes V3.02 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1026)
Take notes on players for your staff to review in the Bio and save the notes as a pref.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4778.0)

Strigoi Tower V3.05 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=185)
Forest Specials
Visit a tower at least 6 times to finally confront a Vampire!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=18;action=display;threadid=3231)

Town Donation V3.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=180)
Requires taxation.php by Sneakabout and townfinance.php by Sneakabout
Allow players to donate gold for the kingdom coffers.  Hooks to City Hall.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=3017)

Trading V5.2 by Lonnyl, Modified by DaveS (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1144)
Modified trading module: Less abuse potential, more settings.  Includes a modified version of Lonny's Castle
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=5870)

The Watcher (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=1332)
Monitor your player's accounts and send warning YoMs when they exceed settings.
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=7929)

White Screen of Death V3.0 (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=186)
Forest Specials
Simple fight against a monster that randomly takes a turn!
Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?board=18;action=display;threadid=3258)

Signet Series Dungeons V5.2
Village, under Category Signet Series
This is a pack of five dungeons and a storefront (six modules total):

Signet Sale: Map selling program
Signet Sale Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=3855.0)

Signet Maze 1: Aria Dungeon: Obtain scrolls, search secret passage ways, disarm traps, pull levers!
Maze 1 Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=3857.0)

Signet Maze 2: Aarde Temple: A temple full of danger! Teleporters, coffins, and the High Priest are exciting new adventures.
Maze 2 Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=3888.0)

Signet Maze 3: Wasser's Castle: Something went wrong at Wasser's Castle. Will you help save the innocent?
Maze 3 Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=3927.0)

Signet Maze 4: Fiamma's Fortress: Enter the Fortress of the Dark Master's Top Servant, Fiamma.
Maze 4 Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4064.0)

Signet Maze 5: Dark Lord's Lair: Complete the final dungeon to confront the Evil Dark Lord. Will you be able to save the kingdom?
Maze 5 Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4268.0)

Download (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?module=Downloads;sa=dlview;id=972)
Package Discussion (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=4270.0)

If you're looking for modules that use the alignment system, please go here:

If you're looking for a "How To" on writing buffs, go here:

Title: Re:DaveS Modules
Post by: DaveS on October 13, 2005, 09:18:25 PM
Everything that is updated to 3.0+ has vertxtloc now.  It wasn't necessarily a major update, but since I kinda tweak errors I figured i better stop driving everyone crazy.  Thanks to Six for pushing me to finally do it and thanks to Lonny for showing me the way.

Title: Re:DaveS Modules
Post by: Sig on October 16, 2005, 11:29:26 AM
The Lumberyard is mislinked to a .txt file instead of the .zip.

Title: Re:DaveS Modules
Post by: DaveS on October 18, 2005, 11:57:20 AM
Fixed Lumberyard link! Thanks for the note.

Title: Re:DaveS Modules
Post by: owlmoons on October 29, 2005, 05:01:01 AM
Love your work Dave S!!!!!!! Keep up the beautiful work!  ;D

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: Ariadoss on March 12, 2006, 09:34:37 AM
Yeah, the same goes for me, I think I have the majority of your modules installed on my lotgd installation.  ;D

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: pearl on March 25, 2006, 05:34:31 PM
i downloaded and installed the dungeon, but when i look it says it's version 3.01...is this correct? because it says it's version 3.15 here in the forum.

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: DaveS on March 25, 2006, 06:10:34 PM
It seems that the wrong version is available for download.  I'm usually pretty good about making sure all the documentation points to the correct version; so anytime you get the wrong version you should be suspicious.

(Also, I sent pearl a message to find the best location)

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: MvpZERO.net on March 25, 2006, 09:33:57 PM
i love your mods, i installed almost all,


Town Donation
Latest Version: 3.0
Requires taxation.php by Sneakabout and townfinance.php by Sneakabout

only cus i don't know where to find taxation.php and townfinace, and also townmap T.T

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: Talisman on March 25, 2006, 09:55:36 PM

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: MvpZERO.net on March 25, 2006, 10:57:23 PM
Thanks, fixed ^_^

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: kira on March 30, 2006, 06:38:48 AM
Link for Secret Order of Masons is not working.

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: Dragon89 on July 30, 2006, 05:32:44 PM
Ruin world 3 download link points to ruin world 2  :P

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: DaveS on July 30, 2006, 09:10:58 PM
oh yeah... hehe.. fixed!

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: Chewie on January 31, 2007, 05:22:03 AM
I was downloading the most recent versions of your mods, Dave, and everythings fine until you get down to about Lumberyard, then from there down, you get an error message like this:

 filesize() [function.filesize]: Stat failed for /home/10927/domains/dragonprime.net/html/dls/lumberyard.zip (errno=2 - No such file or directory)

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: Talisman on January 31, 2007, 06:14:45 AM
I was downloading the most recent versions of your mods, Dave, and everythings fine until you get down to about Lumberyard, then from there down, you get an error message like this:

 filesize() [function.filesize]: Stat failed for /home/10927/domains/dragonprime.net/html/dls/lumberyard.zip (errno=2 - No such file or directory)

Should be fixed now, although it would be a good idea to confirm the right version is online.

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: destruction on April 16, 2007, 12:50:11 PM
Dave's Race/Specialty Modifications V5.0 is linked to randomized day

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: DaveS on April 16, 2007, 01:15:25 PM
Right-o! Fixed!

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: MarcTheSlayer on August 17, 2008, 09:14:42 AM
Couldn't see a thread for your Detective Agency (clues.php) module so will post these 2 bugs here. :)

#-----[ FILE ]-----

#-----[ FIND ]-----
# Note: &op3 at the end has wrong value.
if (get_module_pref("turns")<3) addnav(array("Chat with the Small Woman for `^%s `@%s",$turns,translate_inline($turns>1?"turns":"turn")),"runmodule.php?module=clues&op=research&op2=chat&op3=4");

#-----[ REPLACE WITH ]-----
if (get_module_pref("turns")<3) addnav(array("Chat with the Small Woman for `^%s `@%s",$turns,translate_inline($turns>1?"turns":"turn")),"runmodule.php?module=clues&op=research&op2=chat&op3=1");

#-----[ FILE ]-----

#-----[ FIND ]-----
elseif ($op3==9) addnav("Return to Ye Olde Bank","runmodule.php?module=bank");

#-----[ REPLACE WITH ]-----
elseif ($op3==9) addnav("Return to Ye Olde Bank","bank.php");

#-----[ END ]-----

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: seekey on August 25, 2008, 05:20:29 AM
DaveS didn't support his modules since some weeks.

It would be good if anyone who make changes to his modules, will upload the changed files.

Look into this topic: My Relative Retirement for Support of my Modules by DaveS (http://dragonprime.net/index.php?topic=9080.0)

Title: Re: DaveS Modules
Post by: Selenity on August 25, 2008, 12:04:37 PM
Thanks for posting this. I'll send it to DaveS and it should be soon fixed.  ;)

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