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Title: Gardens Roster
Post by: Sichae on August 27, 2005, 05:53:48 PM
Displays a list of the current players in the Gardens. Really low on server load, unlike Lonny's Who's Here module, seeing as how it only contains 3 hooks (footer-runmodule,gardens,village)
  • Gardens: Sets pref to 1, for in Gardens
  • Village: Sets pref to 0, for in Gardens
  • Footer-Runmodule: Sets pref to 0, for in Gardens.
Using these two hooks, one can accurately find who is in the gardens or not. There are only two ways out of the Gardens: to the village, or into a module. Both of those escapes being covered. :)


User Requested, I made due to not wishing to use Lonny's, since the code was lengthy and a lot of it was extraneous. Simple mod, to do a simple job.

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