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Title: Modules al a Finwe
Post by: Finwe on April 27, 2005, 06:02:23 PM
These modules should be ready to go.  

http://dragonprime.net/users/Finwe/elvingiftshop.zip (http://dragonprime.net/users/Finwe/elvingiftshop.zip)
Elvin Gift Shop is just a modification of Lonny's PQ Gift Shop to fit an Elvish theme in the elf city.

http://dragonprime.net/users/Finwe/elvinbank.zip (http://dragonprime.net/users/Finwe/elvinbank.zip)
Also a modification of blood bank by Shannon Brown.  It is to fit an Elvish city.  Also already blocks any existing bank.php in that village.

http://dragonprime.net/users/Finwe/gdance.zip (http://dragonprime.net/users/Finwe/gdance.zip)
Gypsy Dance Hut.  Allows character to learn a dance for a temporary buff.  One for defense, one for attack, one for HP.  Also a dance to increase charm by five.  Characters are only allowed one use per day and is location ready.

Title: Re:Modules al a Finwe
Post by: Lightbringer on April 30, 2005, 12:23:37 AM
* Lightbringer hides his Elven ears as he downloads and installs the modules to check them out...


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