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Title: Gardens: The Wishing Well
Post by: Annunakitty on June 16, 2019, 06:47:28 PM
The Wishing Well -  A module for Legend of the Green Dragon v. 1.1.x
By Chelsea "Annunakitty" Thorne
Version 1.0 - Released June 16, 2019

  • Once per game day, players can wish for either gold, gems, turns, or charm
  • Admin settable costs, chances for the wish being granted, and how much of each wished item can be gained
  • Shows up in the gardens by default, else in the Tavern area of a village of the admins' choice

Probably the values will need to be balanced for your own server, I ballparked how much each should cost by their general return or rarity of obtaining by other means.  By all means be as generous or as stingy to your players as you want to be.

Also want to give a special thanks to Shannon Brown and Chris Murray for their work on their kitchen.php and kissingbooth.php modules respectively (which I used for reference to get this module to show up in either the gardens or the village of the admin's preference), as well as Eric Stevens, JT Traub, and everyone else whose work went into LotGD!

This is more or less my first module; comments, kudos, and complaints are welcome!

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