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Title: Clan Weapon and Armor Shops
Post by: TGTarheel on December 03, 2018, 01:32:15 AM
ok, I do not understand something here.  When I go into the shops, the order of weapons available does nt seem to match the sql call.  Coding below.

According to what I see, it should order the rows by "value" which is the attack/defense strength of the weapon.

But the output I get is ordered by "shopid" - meaning someone who made a much weaker weapon, later than I made a powerful weapon....my weapon is showing up first...instead of ordering it by order of lowest value to highest value.

Here is the coding - I did not alter this from the original module in any way...except biggifying the type using <big> and </big>
rawoutput("<table border=0 cellpadding=2 cellspacing=1 bgcolor='#999999'>");
    rawoutput("<tr class='trhead'>");
   $sql = "SELECT * FROM " .db_prefix("clanshop"). " WHERE type = '1' AND clan = '$clan' AND buyer < 1 AND value < '$dklimit' ORDER BY 'value'";
$res = db_query($sql);
   for ($i=0;$i<db_num_rows($res);$i++){
   $row = db_fetch_assoc($res);
     $id = $row['shopid'];
        $name = $row['name'];
     $value = $row['value'];
     $cost = $row['cost'];
       rawoutput("<tr class='".($i%2?"trlight":"trdark")."'>");
rawoutput("<td nowrap>[ <big><a href='runmodule.php?module=clanforge&op=buyweapon&id=$id'>$choose</big></a>]");
   output_notl("<td><big>`^%s</big></td>`0", $row['name'], true);
     output_notl("<td><big>`&%s`0</big></td>", $row['value'], true);
        output_notl("<td><big>`^%s`0</big></td>", $row['cost'], true);

It eve says in the SQL call, ORDER BY "value" - so why is the output ordering by "shopid" instead?

Title: Re: Clan Weapon and Armor Shops
Post by: TGTarheel on December 03, 2018, 01:43:24 AM
Never mind.

I found my own problem.  The original coder put 'value' as is

ORDER BY 'value'

and it should be


No quotes around value, and specify ascending versus descending order.

I like to play with this stuff to learn how things work and why.

I found my own answer this time.

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