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Title: Idea For An Item Cabinet
Post by: TGTarheel on August 31, 2017, 03:34:06 PM
Ok, this is just for those who use the Item System...
Also, need to have houses.php for my idea to really work.

If you know how you can get a Weapons Closet in your house, thus saving weapons across a dragonkill...

How about a cabinet, or several cabinets, you could buy to store Items in?

What I need to know is how do I make the module know how many of each certain item they have (my idea is different "cabinets" for different types of items)
and then make it so that, like the basicitemshop...you can click down on how many of that item you want to place in the "cabinet?

Of course then you also need to be able to withdraw from the cabinet, but it will know how many of each item you have already in the cabinet via your prefs, so no biggie there.

My ideas is like, a Medicine Cabinet for potions, a Pantry for food/feed items, a Nightstand for various odds and ends.....and so on....all of which you could buy through the office where you build your house and where you buy your closet...and where you also order a party.

Any help??  Not quite sure where to start on this one, but it would be a fun idea.

Title: Re: Idea For An Item Cabinet
Post by: TGTarheel on October 06, 2017, 05:10:13 PM
I actually made all the items I wanted - by modifying the code of houses.php - but it is all hard-coded specific to my site and my items.

I would release this to anyone who may want it with the note that you can't just plug and play this, you would have to alter the hard coding for your own site.

It works on 1.1.0 and I see no reason it should not work on any 1.x.x version.

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