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Title: Abigail The Street Hawker Compatible With Same-Gender Marriages
Post by: TGTarheel on July 22, 2017, 06:32:48 AM
OK...so the file I submitted previously on this one had a serious problem I have now addressed.  This file has been thoroughly tested on my 1.1.10 server, and I see no reason why it would not work on any 1.x.x server.

This came about because I noticed that Abigail offered gifts for the wrong gender when one was in a same-sex marriage (the original module based the gift offering on the player's gender...offering gits appropriate nly for the player's opposite gender.)  In other words, female players were offered male gifts (even if they were married to another female) and male players offered female gifts even if they were married t another man.

This new file still assumes opposite-gender for unmarried players (if you want to be in a same-sex marriage, get a partner!!) but for married players, it now fetches the gender of the player's SPOUSE to determine which set of gifts to offer. Thus opposite-gender couples will see no difference in this modue versus the old moduke.  But same-gender couples will now be offered gifts appropriate to the gender of their partner.

I had the original submission taken down because it caused a problem with Lonny's "Who's Here" module.  I have not been abe to resolve this on my own site, short of removing the module.  It called for something in the database that caused a null location to be put into the player's return nav location.  This sent the Who's Here modue nuts.

Even after i manually put a proper location into the database manually...I still had problems.  I am nt sure why.  But this is why I had the original file taken down...so that it would not haen to anyone else.

I am not sure how I can re-deploy "Who's Here" on my own server at this time...any help would be appreciated.

But this new module should not cause any troube with that, because the offending data fetch has been removed.

Anyway, for those who offer same-gender marriage and for whom this is as important an issue as it is for me (I am very sensitive to gender issues...for reasons which may be obvious to some here) this module allows for what I was looking for.

All credit has been given to the original author, I only added in the credits my tweak to allow for same-gender couples.

Thus, if your site des not allow same-gender mariages, this file is not needed for you, and I recommend staying with the original.  This is for those sites that allow same-gender coupling.

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