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Title: File Submission: Abigail The Street Hawker - Fixed for Same-Gender Affirmation
Post by: TGTarheel on July 16, 2017, 10:00:07 AM
Ok...so I riped apart the original Abigail...all creit to the original authors and tweakers before me are maintained intact, only the addition of my own name as the coder who did the same-gender tweak.

This has been fully tested out now...it works for unmarried people, (it assumes opposite-gender for unmarried people)

For married people, it works fr same-gender and opposite-gender couples now.  It gets a bit better though:

I ravaged the old allprefs this thing used and did traditional prefs (allprefs drive me batty anyway)  But now one could do additional refs for more than just two genders if they wanted to...the basic framework is there.

I tested this on my own server with runs 1.1.0 - but I see no reason why it would not work with any 1.x.x version.

I fully tested it...
a female same-sex couple is addressed corrctly as Madam, and are offered female gifts for their someone special
a male same-sex couple is properly addressed as Sir, and is offered male gifts for their somoene special.

and it works with opposite-gender cues, too.

a female giving to a male is properly addressed as Madam, and is offered gifts for a man...and
a male giving to a female is properly addressed as Sir, and is offered gifts for a woman.

So it is fully tested.  My codiing is probably a bit soppy, but it works, and fans of allprefs will hate me fr ravaging the prefs on this to make them traditional prefs, but oh, well...Ii got it to do what nobody else has!!

Abigai is no longer narrow-minded, she is now fully affirming of same-gender and opposite-gender couples...and the framework now also exists where third and more genders could be added...i guess you'd want a set of gifts that were gender-neutral, but I will leave that to someone who actually has more than two genders on their server....I am not brave enough to undertake that dee of a core edit!!

Here is the file!

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